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Metallic Dynamite’s Inspiration feels Old School Heavy Metal Magazine

Metallic Dynamite's Inspiration feels very Old School Heavy Metal

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Metallic Dynamite drops on Kickstarter

I have a love hate relationship with everything Jordan Thomas creates. Don’t get me wrong. Frank at Home on the Farm? Love it. But I love what Thomas so much that my wallet absolutely hates him for it. Let’s face it. If my wallet was a horror film come alive in similar muppet horror fashion to Basket Case then Jordan Thomas would be the victim.

And, unfortunately, this time around my wallet is the victim yet again thanks to Jordan’s brand new science fiction anthology for Heavy Metal fans called Metallic Dynamite. It looks and it feels like an old school Heavy metal mag. Not convinced? Read on.

Metallic Dynamite's Inspiration feels very Old School Heavy Metal
Metallic Dynamite – variant cover by Russell Mark Olson

What is Metallic Dyamite?

Metallic Dynamite is a science fiction anthology series bringing you mind bending, nerve shredding, heart breaking stories drawn by an incredible match up of established and up and coming artists.

In the first volume of this anthology you’ll find a bizarre blend of six different science fiction stories.

The first story, One More Day, mixes doomed love with soft sci-fi and horror to tell a story of loss, darkness and desperation, that takes you deep into the mind and beyond. Sorrow and technology combine to take Nish, who recently lost his fiancé in a tragic accident, on a journey that twists both joy and despair together in his fracturing mind.

The second story, Night Cap, features two mechanics, an obnoxious businessman, a missing wife and daughter and an abandoned space station. That night cap was a mistake.

When an asteroid storm damages a family’s spacecraft they are forced to take shelter at an eerie abandoned space station. This forces the father to go in search of help leaving his wife and daughter back with the small craft. He finds (begrudging) help in the form of two off work mechanics at a small satellite hub, but when they return his family are missing but the nightmare is just beginning…

In the third story, It Wasn’t the Tacos, the only thing worse than dying in an alien invasion is surviving one! When Gary’s stomach starts rumbling he thinks it’s just the spicy food he had for lunch. Unfortunately for Gary his guts are actually the staging ground for an alien invasion that will quickly overwhelm Earth with Gary an unwilling voyeur of the whole event – but can he learn to stop worrying and love his new alien overlords?

In the fourth story, What You Can’t Leave Behind, you’ll find a plummeting spaceship, a hellish heap of space zombies and a race against time. Reneé wakes up believing she has made a miraculous escape from a terrifying alien world that claimed the whole crew she was serving with. However, it doesn’t take long for her to discover that the monsters have hitched a ride with her and now she faces a race against time to avert bringing this plague of death to her home planet – Earth.

In the fifth story, The Road Warrior, Detectives Sawce and Lewlock are caught between a road and hardplace.

From the world of Weird Work (a series previously created by Jordan Thomas and Shaky Kane) comes this standalone story featuring everybody’s favourite blue pessimist detective, Ovra Sawce, as he and his partner must thwart a dangerous bomb maker who is targeting the new monstrous highways being erected throughout Stellar City.

Then in the final issue, An End Before A Beginning, before everything can start, everything must end. Ominous, much? The maker looks down on their dying creation as they prepare to welcome the next in line to take their turn at shepherding life into existence.

Metallic Dynamite's Inspiration feels Old School Heavy Metal Magazine 1

Why do I need another Science Fiction anthology?

The Metallic Dynamite team has worked hard to bring you a badass package of incredible art and story from front to back. This first volume will include six stories written by Jordan Thomas (Frank At Home On The Farm, Weird Work) and drawn by the incredible talents of Lucy Sullivan (Barking), Shaky Kane (Dealine, The Bulletproof Coffin), Benjamin Æ Filby (The Tomb series), Anna Readman (Handlebar Gumbo), JF Totti (Big F#@k Off Worms) and Carlos Lopez.

The anthology is available as both a perfect-bound, 88-page, softcover edition with a wonderful wraparound cover by Russell Mark Olson (Gateway City) and a 112-page, oversized hardcover edition with a stunning wraparound cover by Mike-Lee Graham (Our Final Halloween).

Not to mention Metallic Dynamite T-shirts, stickers, pin up art, science fiction love letter essays and copies of Jordan Thomas’ work from previous Kickstarter campaigns are also available.

Let’s recap:

  • Metallic Dynamite is available as both an 88 page softcover and 112 page hardcover.
  • Stunning surreal art by the likes of Lucy Sullivan (Barking), Shaky Kane (Dealine, The Bulletproof Coffin), Benjamin Æ Filby (The Tomb series), Anna Readman (Handlebar Gumbo), JF Totti (Big F#@k Off Worms) and Carlos Lopez.
  • T-shirts, stickers and pin up art available.
  • The opportunity to pick up and catch up on Jordan Thomas’ previous comic book works

Where’s the Metallic Dynamite Kickstarter Link?

If this article has encouraged you to check out this incredible series then fantastic, here’s the Kickstarter link.

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