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Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter

Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter

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Black Jackets #4 and #5 available on Kickstarter

Young Adult Horror Monsters Fraternity. That’s five words you don’t always hear together. Certainly not in the same sentence and definitely not always in the same medium. For some, a fraternity based young adult comic isn’t always what you’d expect. It’s something you’d expect from The CW network or in a bad film starring Joshua Jackson. Y’know the one I’m talking about. 

When you combine all the aspects of horror, monster killing and a frat clubhouse you’re sure to get a soap drama of dire teen proportions. Complete with an unending supply of first world problems. That’s what Black Jackets is as you’re about to learn below. 

Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter
Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter

What is Black Jackets?

Join six teenagers as they embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of a fraternal organization of monster hunters known as the Black Jackets. See an onslaught of original and interesting monsters.

In Issue 1, Evan, Lynn, Jack, Ellie and Asa have been officially Black Jackets for six months, substituting their parents who mysteriously vanished one day. Although they’ve taken on the responsibility of monster hunters quickly, they’re no closer to understanding what happened to their parents. Compounding that, an otherworldly being appears with a warning. 

In Issue 2 a physically and emotionally exhausted gang stays home to catch up on some R&R, but the break is short lived when an uninvited guest and a supernatural threat ruin everything. 

Then in Issue 3 the gang investigates an abandoned Black Jackets outpost and discover a dark secret that will alter the course of events in the series, while also introducing a new member to the group. 

The reason for this Kickstarter, namely Black Jackets issue 4 and 5 continues the monster slaying fray, the return of a certain character from the old Black Jackets gang and jumping into another reality. It’s just what cosmic horror is made for. 

Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter
Black Jackets brings Volume 1 to End in Kickstarter

Is Black Jackets the Cosmic Horror you need?

Despite the Young Adult badge of honor, fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, and The Craft will feel an irresistible pull towards Black Jackets. In fact, if horror comedy and action genres with quippy one liners and coming of age drama gets you going then this series will fit right in amongst your comic book collection. Scooby gang, anyone?

In this Kickstarter campaign you can catch up on the first three issues as well as Issue 4 and 5 to complete your very own collection of volume 1. Issue 4 clocks in at 24 pages and Issue 5 finishes up with 28 pages. All of which are masterfully illustrated by series artist Francesco Tomaselli. While the series is written by Mike Tener (Midnight Highway and Bad Bug Media publisher). 

Finally, each backer gets to choose between one of five different yellow or blue covers by Francesco Tomaselli, Ele Nichols (also available in gold spot foil), Elis Zill, Winston Gambro, David Brame, Jason Miller, Summer Dale, Winston Gambro, Luca Vassallo and Edward Bentley. Yes folks, that’s 10 different covers in total!

Let’s recap:

  • Issues 4 and 5 available
  • Opportunity to catch up on the first three issues
  • 10 different covers to choose from
  • Interior art presented in outstanding greyscale black and white

Where’s the Kickstarter Link for Black Jackets?

If this article has encouraged you to check out this incredible series then fantastic, here’s the Kickstarter link.
If not, well, use this link instead.

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