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ARACHNA returns to Indiegogo for 2nd Instalment

Arachna returns to Indiegogo with 2nd Instalment

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Like a vulture circling back on its unsuspecting prey, the creators of Arachna have returned to unleash a fresh adventure onto the hordes of Indiegogo supporters. Dubbed both a “good and a bad girl” by their PR representation (I guess that’s supposed to turn me on?), this spider-powered heroine with a dissociative identity disorder is going to swing her way into convincing you why you should jump on this project. 

And just like any other Indiegogo project – yes, there will be boobs!

Arachna returns to Indiegogo with 2nd Instalment

What is Arachna? 

Arachna 2: The Most Dangerous Game is the direct sequel to the Indiegogo hit project Arachna. In which a super heroine with all manner of “assets” at her disposal wields the powers of a spider while sporting a nasty dissociative memory disorder.

This time around something festers in the sewers of the concrete jungle called New York City. Mutated monsters who are neither mice nor men face the wrath of the masked vigilante known as Arachna. She hunts the abandoned, sharp-teethed rat henchmen in search of a mad scientist calling himself Doc Diabolique. 

Arachna wants justice, she wants revenge, and nothing will stand in her webbed way.

In her quest to settle the score, Arachna has to accept the tutelage of archaic Ji-ho. The Korean martial arts master came to the United States in search of a peppy pupil worthy enough to carry his legacy. His fledgling student leaves America in a hurry when Doc Diabolique is offered to Arachna on a silver platter.

The masked heroine allows an alluring jungle girl to take her to the Caribbean where the owner and master of a remote jungle island extends his dubious hospitality. There’s more to the seemingly suave and scarred hunter named Jaecar than meets the eye. Arachna quickly learns that the bear traps and spiked pits aren’t the only ensnares on the seemingly idyllic paradise island…

While the second instalment to this series, Arachna comes off as easily digestible. So easily digestible you won’t miss a beat when jumping straight into this second issue. But, you know, still pick up the first issue if you can. It’s only fair to the creators, right?

Why do I need another super heroine in my life? 

While the first instalment of Arachna clocked in at 48 pages, Arachna 2 is a massive 64 pages long. From what I know about the project, you can expect the format to be USA standard sized, full colour printing and a variety of variants (both safe for work and NSFW). While the copy from Arachna‘s marketing team isn’t exactly clear, I would say this comic is perfect for collectors who like their feminine characters swift, sinister and sexy. The cover and synopsis alone makes me think of Dynamite‘s Vampirella as much as it does Zenescope‘s Van Helsing.

Arachna 2’s creative team is writer Martti Kauppinen, cover and interior art by Carlos Granda, coloring by Javier Laparra and lettering by Alex Simmons. All of which, as far as I’m aware, made up the original creative team in the first instalment.

Let’s recap:

  • Indie superhero series in similar vein to Spider-Man
  • 64 page full color comic book in standard USA format
  • Safe for work and NSFW covers on offer

Where’s the Indiegogo link for this Project?

If this article has encouraged you to check out this incredible series then fantastic, here’s the Indiegogo link.
If not, well, use this link instead.

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