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Drew Edwards Celebrates 20 Years of Halloween Man with Issue #25

Halloween Man #25

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Drew Edwards Celebrates 20 Years of Halloween Man with Issue #25

Drew Edwards Celebrates 20 Years of Halloween Man with Issue #25

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About Halloween Man

Halloween Man is a Horror schlock Indie Comic where anything Weird goes. It is written by Drew Edwards and in this case of this Issue features a revolving door of Artistic Talent including John Sowder, Jason Wilson, Paulo Hernandez, Evan Quiring, Max Young, John Gholson, Andrea Montano, Joey Muerto, and Sergio Calvet. With a special introduction by Comic Book journalist Matt Morrison and an absolutely stunning cover by Nicola Scott (Birds of Prey, Black Magick).

Drew Edwards began writing Halloween Man as a way to deal with the death of his identical twin, who was killed when a drunk driver struck Drew’s car. His twin had just come out as trans and was looking forward to the next steps. Left in the wake, Drew had onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Depression. The inception of Halloween Man became a coping method that helped Drew to come to terms with the guilt and loss, and moreover, to pay homage to his brother through comics, horror, and what could’ve been, by creating a diverse cast of characters.

Drew went on to say about this release:

“After the accident, life without my twin felt unbearable. But telling these weird stories got me out of bed every morning. Twenty years later, they still have that power. Crafting the weird world of Halloween Man has become my life’s work and it’s been truly wonderful to see these characters grow beyond a small webcomic into something that thrills thousands of people. And we’re just getting warmed up. I can’t wait for people to see what comes next.”

Halloween Man is slated for release on Comixology from October 14th, 2020.

Halloween Man #25 Review

It’s hard to pin down 20 years of history in just a few hundred words when, 4 weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard about Halloween Man, Drew Edwards, or the colourful world surrounding these characters. So here we are, looking at Halloween Man through the micro lense of a singular Comic Book Issue.

Halloween Man #25 reads as a neat little time capsule into the world of Solomon Hitch aka Halloween Man and his lady love, Lucy Chaplin. It’s a fun world filled with mutants, monsters, anthropomorphic goats and moustache twirling nemeses. The protagonist, Solomon Hitch, is a reanimated dead person with a taste of human flesh and Lucy is the world’s most glamorous Mad Scientist. So from early on in the issue it’s easy to wrap your head around this being a Modern Day Frankenstein Love Story meets Local Punk Rock Gig.

Although I don’t want to delve too much into spoilers, the Main Storyline introduces us to Solomon and Lucy’s Scooby Gang with an air of familiarity that only comes with having written the same stories for two long decades. There’s no shortage of ridiculous antagonists, mutants, or supernatural entities but what resonates with me is Halloween Man represents a crew of accepting misfits. Halloween Man is very much a story about Family. Very fitting when you consider the inspiration behind Edwards’ story.

Halloween Man is unapologetically Indie and celebrates B-grade Horror. If you’re someone who misses early issues of Heavy Metal or gravitates towards Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Entertainment then Halloween is the frightful series you’ve been missing out on. Issue #25 presents a perfect opportunity to jump on board with Drew Edwards’ maniacal mutants.

Pick up Halloween Man #25 through Comixology.

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