Wolvenheart #1, courtesy of Mad Cave Studios

Sterling Cross: Legendary Slayer

I did a piece on Albert Einstein: Time Mason, where a time-traveling organization employs an historic figure. Wolvenheart is a time-traveling organization founded by historic figures. Though, Van Helsing is a fictional character compared to Einstein. However, Nikola Tesla is another Wolvenheart employee.


The comic opened with a battle between the title’s primary antagonist, Sterling Cross, and a werewolf. It reminded me of Van Helsing right off the bat. So, I was surprised to meet Helsing as an actual character. Following the battle, Cross wiped the bystanders’ memories like on Men in Black. Though, he seemed to do it by magic. But, is he a monster slayer, like Helsing? Or, is he a time-traveler, like Dr. Who? Or, is he both; this “legendary slayer” he describes himself?

WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 1
WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 2

“Remember when I mentioned travelers hunting down monsters? Well, I meant time-travelers. And I’m the best one Wolvenheart has ever seen. Our place is amongst the moon and the stars, in the vast darkness that stretches across the galaxy.”

Across the Multiverse

The werewolf was evidently considered a specter. And it lit up with some cosmic or demonic light when Cross slashed him with some magic sword. The slayer’s, or traveler’s, duty is to guard the Earth and its numerous timelines against these specters. In his narrative monologue, Cross describes the specters as those who cross over from other moments in time, or other dimensions.

The battle took place in the Nineteenth Century. Though, the Victorian/Steampunk style was carried throughout. I wasn’t too keen on the art. It had an anime look. But fans of such will probably love it. I dug the style, though. Especially a splash page where Cross travels through a tube that represented the time stream.

WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 3

Flash Back in Time

They also used a neat technique with the flashbacks. Movies and shows will play the scene back in a darker hue. This book did the same, giving the panels a gray scale. They were recycled panels. But were pulsed back in the story as a reminder, and put you inside Cross’s head.

A recycled panel goes back to the werewolf battle. The beast offers a looming threat about a “Queen in Black.” This queen is discussed at Wolvenheart, and then later with another ally.

WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 4

I picked up the book for the steampunk style and the seeming fight against werewolves. But I was given a nice surprise with the time-travel/alternate dimension element. I always love when I get thrown into those predicaments.

Great lines were also thrown in to really give your head a spin:

“In this part of the timeline, she still has forgiven you.”

“Despite having the ability to manipulate space and time, we never have a moment to talk.”

“When I look into the future…there are moments you do and don’t exist.”

The Time-Traveler and the Oracle

WOLVENHEART #1 - Monster-Ridding Your Timelines 5

Besides Cross, Helsing, and Tesla, there’s also Kasia. She’s a figure from Cross’s life before Wolvenheart. Never called out for what she is. But what she is, is basically an oracle. They address her precognition powers. And I feel such powers compliment time-traveling ones quite well. I often pondered about the team-up of the two. Wolvenheart answers that for me.

If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll enjoy the look and the story of Wolvenheart. I don’t think it’s fair for me to discount the comic for my lack in taste of the genre. Though, if you’re a fellow fan of the time-hopping and/or steampunk variety, you’ll truly love this.