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Savage Avengers – Streets of Rage #1 lands over at Marvel

Savage Avengers 1

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Savage Avengers – Streets of Rage is an action-filled Avengers story with an untamed edge. If you like Avengers stories and enjoy Marvel’s more morally gray characters, you are going to dig this story. It is written by David Pepose, illustrated by Carlos Magno, colored by Espen Grundetjern, and lettered by VC’s Travis Lanham. It is available digitally and at your local comic shop from May 18, 2022. 

Enter the new Savage Avengers Team

Conan the Barbarian is the central character of this story, and it reads a little differently than many Marvel Comics. Pepose does a great job offering narration that feels like someone is telling you a fantasy tale, weaving together the legends of those involved with the action occurring around them. The creative team also does an excellent job introducing characters to those who may or may not know who they are. 

The Savage Avengers team consists of Conan, Anti-Venom, Daredevil, Black Knight, Weapon H, Cloak, and Dagger. It’s a fairly diverse team full of fan favorites and some more obscure characters. We are introduced to each character and given a basic idea of who they are and their abilities, which is really well integrated into the story. Many of these characters are loners and killers, but they make an exciting and dynamic team.

They are presented with a problem. A death cult wants to set off a “madbomb,” a device that brings out the darker instincts of all those it impacts. While our heroes, or anti-heroes as it may be, try to stop this, a cybernetic soldier of the Deathlok Army shows up to eliminate Conan from the timestream. Even those this story is jam-packed with action, and there are also moments that present emotional throughlines, such as Cloak attempting to confess some of his feelings to Dagger. 

This story is packed with action and eventually leaves the team in a precarious place. As someone who has been a fan of Avengers titles for many years, it met my expectations as a first issue. It will be exciting to see where the creative team takes this story and what is on the horizon for this pack of heroes.

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Savage Avengers #1 - Front Cover
Savage Avengers #1 – Front Cover

Savage Art 

The art in this comic is energetic and full of action. Magnos does an excellent job of showing how each character moves and engages with other characters. Daredevil feels precise and deadly, whereas Cloak and Dagger seem to have flow to their movements. The action is well-drawn and expressive.

Dark shadows and deep tones are seen throughout the comic, but they don’t feel overly heavy, they enhance the rough tone of the story. The lettering on this comic is fantastic and it amplifies the story throughout all the pages. We can tell that Deathlok has a robotic tone to him because his word bubbles differ from everyone around him.

There are several panels where all the art comes together perfectly, and powers burst forth out of the screen. In particular, a panel where Cloak and Dagger come forth combines stunning linework with magnificent colors and sound effects.

All in all, this creative team does a superb job telling a very intense story. From the moment the action starts, it continues to amp up until the conclusion.

Check Out Savage Avengers

If you are interested and would like to buy this comic, you can check it out at a local comic shop. It’s available now from all the usual suspects – digital and otherwise.

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