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PAX wants you to know their Exclusive AF 2022 Gear is Available Now

PAX wants you to know their Exclusive AF 2022 Gear is Available Now

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With 3 months until PAX Aus 2022, marking the first PAX since Covid-19 stripped nerds everywhere of their livelihood, the PAX brass at mission control want to ring in the greatest PAX event since the glory days of 2019. You know? The “before times.” 

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Welcome back PAX – Goodbye Savings

With excitement brewing for the show, for the first time ever, PAX Fans will have a chance to snag their swag before PAX Aus which takes place on October 7-9th at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Because nothing says hardcore nerd more than adorning the merch of the Convention you’re queuing for hours in line for. Ok, maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

The PAX swag includes an assortment of:

  • Eclipse Hoodie – RRP US$65
  • Eclipse Tee – RRP US$25
  • Wish You Were Here Tee – RRP US$25
  • Eclipse Crop Tee – RRP US$25 (online exclusive)
  • Space Program 12oz Tumbler – RRP US$28 (online exclusive)
  • Starship 32oz Water Bottle – RRP US$18
  • Space Program Playmat – RRP US $20
  • + many more
Official PAX AUS 2022 Merch - Available Now
Official PAX AUS 2022 Merch – Available Now

Additionally, PAX are telling us that a few deals and freebies will also be available (depending on how much you spend):

  • Spend US$55 or more to get a Show Patch
  • Spend US$85 or more to get a PAX Space Program Pin
  • Spend US$120 to get a Merch X Pin

PAX are telling us you’ll want to get in quick as all items are limited. Head to this link or copy/paste to your browser and start shopping now.

I’m grabbing the hoodie!

Are you going to PAX 2022?

What do you think of this Merch – cheap, expensive?
Let us know on social media.


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