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One-Shot Wonder: My Brother Teddy (Source Point Press)

My Brother Teddy

Table of Contents

My Brother, Teddy is a heart-touching story about a boy and his teddy bear. As you turn the pages, you quickly realize so much more lies under the surface of this compelling tale. It is written by Jaromir Francois, illustrated by Todor Hristov, and colored by Sonya Anastasova. It is digitally available through Source Point Press and the usual suspects.

My Brother Teddy brings out Childish Nostaglia

As children, many of us have toys or items we cling to for comfort, and the protagonist of this story is exactly like that. The opening page portrays a little boy in bed clinging to his teddy bear as a lightning storm rages outside. Something creeps from the closet, threatening the boy as he sleeps peacefully in bed.

We are seamlessly transported from the bedroom to a fantasy version of the space, where the little boy is gone and left in his place is Teddy. He senses the oncoming threat from the closet and readies himself for battle with the foe who threatens him this night.

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There are no captions or dialogue in these stories, so we only have the art to tell us what is happening. In the absence of text, we still immediately know that Teddy is brave and willing to do what he needs to protect those he loves. He walks toward the ominous and dark closet with no fear in his eyes. 

Comics should be able to tell their stories without words. Based on the art alone, the audience should be able to grasp an idea of what the story is. My Brother Teddy leans into this concept with their approach. This volume is filled with short stories, but none of them have any text to tell the reader what is happening, yet they still manage to give you obvious insight into what is happening. 

Teddy is a stalwart protector and an easy character to root for. He defends the little boy with all his might, and eventually, we see a grown version of the little boy doing the same for him.

My Brother Teddy (Source Point Press)
My Brother Teddy (Source Point Press) – Front Cover

My Brother Teddy Art

Hristov and Anastasova do a beautiful job illustrating and coloring this comic. Many scenes are full of action, and it is easy to follow the movement. His art communicates the struggles and triumphs that Teddy faces.

Anastasova’s color choices complement and highlight the art. We often see the palette shift or change based on scene changes or new action sequences. This makes it easy to follow when Teddy finds himself in new situations or fighting against unknown adversaries. 

With all the elements of this story combined, it is emotional and heartfelt. The team does an excellent job touching on complicated feelings with visual storytelling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comic and watching Teddy’s story unfold. 

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Check Out My Brother, Teddy

If you are interested and would like to check out this comic, you can go to Source Point Press’s website or request it at your local comic shop to buy a physical copy. It is available in paperback from May 18, 2022.

My Brother Teddy One-Shot Page 1
My Brother Teddy One-Shot – Page 1
My Brother Teddy One-Shot Page 2
My Brother Teddy One-Shot – Page 2

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