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Damned Cursed Children #1 is the Horror Film that Needs to Happen

Damned Cursed Children is a delectable horror filled treat

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Damned Cursed Children #1 Review

Damned Cursed Children #1 is a horror comic book cut from the same cloth as its 1950s cult horror contemporaries. It is written by Howard Wong and Josh Stafford. With art by Robin Simon Ng. 

Damned, Cursed Children #1 is published by Source Point Press and will be available through your Local Comic Shop on January 27th, 2021.

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Inspired by cult horror comics of the 1950s, Damned Cursed Children is a 5 issue mini series, from the maniacal minds of horror aficionados Howard Wong and Josh Stafford. 

Paying a clear homage to comic books of a bygone age, Damned Cursed Children looks and feels like The Crypt of Terror (later, Tales from the Crypt), Chamber of Chills and The Haunt of Fear. 

Despite a scintillatingly sinful premise, Damned Cursed Children had some issues with finding a publishing home. Writer Howard Wong went on to elaborate:

“Many publishers loved Damned Cursed Children, but were too afraid to publish it. The fearless folks at Source Point Press on the other hand got it! They understood what we were doing with the story, themes and metaphors. The spark where the story came from with characters pushed beyond their breaking point, to the incredible art makes this one of my favorite things I’ve co-created and written!” says Wong.

Source Point Press are promising that Damned Cursed Children is the perfect combo for horror obsessed comic book fans or comic book obsessed horror fans.

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Damned Cursed Children Issue 1 available through Source Point Press

The Damned Cursed Children #1 Story

The Damned Cursed Children kicks off with Issue 1 introducing us to a range of characters who witness a salvo of horrifying attacks involving a group of children eating the adults. Yes, eating. Whether the children are zombies or vampires is unclear, however, this slate of attacks forces a group of strangers together to fend off the horde of terrifying toddlers. 

Co-writers Howard Wong and Josh Stafford do an exceptional job with the directing of the panels to the extent where the entire comic looks and feels like an old Hammer House of Horror film. What truly inspires is its refusal to rely on heavy dialogue, or at times, any dialogue at all. There’s a feeling of home invasion story telling with the siege the unrelenting carnivorous children inflict on each character. Wong and Stafford return to a time when owning a horror comic book felt like the baddest thing you could do as a kid. No politics are present. Just a savage assault reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead (the original, of course).

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The Damned Cursed Children #1 Art

Knowing nothing about Robin Simon Ng’s art is an absolute treat. Ng’s traditionalistic approach of how he constructs scenes and character composition feels like the sordid love child of Tales of Terror meets Tomb of Dracula. 

Despite the black and white canvas, the shading and inking is expert in the approach. Robin Simon Ng is a talent to watch as this series continues to develop. 


Damned, Cursed Children #1 is a delectable horror filled treat. As an intro to Howard Wong and Josh Stafford’s world of horror, it borrows from the creepy moments of cult horror as much as it does gore and ambience. Damned, Cursed Children is the horror film that needs to happen. Pick it up!

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