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Adam Lawson talks TV Writing

Earlier today I caught up with TV Writer and Comic Book Business Owner, Adam Lawson. We talked about Horror, the role Horror plays in Comic Books, and TV Writing. If you enjoyed this interview then leave a message below and say Hi.

Anthony Pollock: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself and the work you do.

Adam Lawson: For my day job, I am a TV showrunner and writer. My most notable series is a fantasy/horror show called “Escape the Night,” which ran four seasons. I am currently writing an interactive series for Netflix and have been in the world of TV/Film for the last 17 years.

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Anthony Pollock: Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind The Kill Journal.

Adam Lawson: The Kill Journal started with two questions: one, what happens after the horror movie ends, and two, why is that when Jason shows up, it’s always a defenseless teen? I wanted to answer those questions and started about ten years ago when I first conceived the story.

I decided I wanted to make a splatter movie with a conscience. To tell the tale of trauma survivors who choose revenge as their coping mechanism and what becomes of them.

In most of my storytelling, I want to find out what is the heart of the tale, in this case, surviving trauma, and then the supernatural setting. I wanted to expand on Slashers, so reached into a concept much older, which is that of Revenants, vengeful spirits back from the dead hungry for revenge.

Anthony Pollock: Where did writing start for you, and what is your origin story?

Adam Lawson: Writing started for me in high school right after watching Batman & Robin (the one with Mr. Freeze and George Clooney). I was so disappointed by that film; I wrote a Batman script that told the story I wish they had told instead. After spending months writing that script, I realized this is what I wanted to do for a living and never looked back.

Anthony Pollock: The Kill Journal is clearly influenced by Supernatural Horror, but where does the overall horror genre sit for you in relation to comics? What are your go-to’s?

Adam Lawson: I love horror comics, and I don’t think they make enough of them. My go-to’s (and favorites) are Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Wytches by Scott Snyder. I loved them both so much. They are everything I want in a comic. That is also why I am SO bummed that Snyder chose the story he did for his Kickstarter. I was really hoping for more Wytches.

Adam Lawson Talks TV Writing and Horror Comics
The Kill Journal, available now on Indiegogo

Anthony Pollock: What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to your work? How do you overcome them?

Adam Lawson: The biggest obstacle is getting the word out there. I use social media, streams, ads, and word of mouth. I wish I had a massive publishing company and years of legacy, but I am building that now.

Anthony Pollock: How did you go about finding the right artist to work on this project?

Adam Lawson: Mostly through Twitter, Instagram, and Art Station. I also have been hiring artists for years in TV and have been able to scout a few great ones. It is an on-going process, and I think a good writer/publisher is always looking for artists. I also commission art and that let’s get to know an artist and how they work before you take the ride of a comic book with them. I don’t think I would ever hire an artist for a full graphic novel without doing at least a commission with them first.

Anthony Pollock: Many of us creators work on projects outside of our 9-5 jobs. Do you have any advice for balancing careers with passion projects/side hustles?

Adam Lawson: The best thing I can say about that is consistency. If you are a writer, write every day for an hour and two hours a day on the weekends. No matter what. Hold to that discipline. If you cannot do that, it’s unlikely you can deliver what you say you to your fans. 

Anthony Pollock: Do you have any upcoming events/projects/releases you would like to discuss?

Adam Lawson: We have another graphic novel project coming out March/April next year called KIDS & MONSTERS. It’s the tale of two teenage kids whose parents are going through a brutal divorce. They start to see “cracks” in the world at this point and uncover backpacks that hold monsters inside them. This pulls them into a supernatural war that mirrors the divorce going on at home. It’s the story of two kids going through their parent’s divorce told through a supernatural lens.

Anthony Pollock: Thank you for taking the time to do this! Where can readers find you and your work?

Adam Lawson: I appreciate you taking the time. People can find me on Twitter @failedsuperhero, or on IG @failedsuperheroesclub I post daily art and updates. I love indie comics and support lots of other creators.

Where to find Adam Lawson

Adam Lawson on Twitter

The Kill Journal on Indiegogo

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