REVIEW: Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #5 is Creeptastic

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #5 – Review

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood Issue 5 is an Anthology comic looking at the horror world of Edgar Allan Poe through a Modern Lense. Writers on this issue include Paul Cornell, Kek-W, Jake Williams and Dan Micklethwaite. Artists on this issue include Greg Scott, Alberto Ponticelli, Joe Orsak and Richard Williams. Colourists on this issue include Felipe Sobriero and Madeline Seely. With lettering covered by Rob Steen and editing by Tom Peyer.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood is published by Ahoy Comics and is available for purchase from your Local Comic Shop as of February 24th, 2021.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #5 - Review
Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #5 – Review

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #6 Story

This latest issue contains 2 comic book stories (one by Paul Cornell and the other by Kek-W) with a curious addition of 2x two pager short prose stories (Jake Williams and Dan Micklethwaite) , written with the same flavour.

The result is a welcome entryway into a creepy den of the macabre and mysterious. All four writers rejuvenate the style of Edgar Allan Poe whilst maintaining a campy, fun and old-world horror feel of early 20th Century Horror Comics. Its literally impossible not to feel somewhat enamoured by the scent of nostalgia this comic book wreaks with.

The standout story of this issue is Paul Cornell’s The Adventure of the Three Narrators, which plays with the idea of story control. Who or what the protagonists are and who ultimately controls this story. Despite this, Cornell doesn’t lose sight of the Edgar Allan Poe style, as his story jumps from decadent love story to detective narrative to insane asylum candidacy.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #6 Art

The noir feeling of Greg Scott and Alberto Ponticelli’s artwork is warm and adds its own flavour of romance to the final product. It’s very atmospheric in a way. So much so that it teleports you to another world that feels like a Hammer House of Horror film. Both in style, texture and tone.

The coloring from Felipe Sobriero and Madeline Seely plays a part in adding more character and depth to this creep-tastic comic book issue. The coloring is its own character and although the two styles differ, they’re linked by the common thread of Rob Steen’s lettering.


While it’s difficult to provide a conclusion to a body of work where so many hands are responsible, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #5 goes deep into the darker recesses of the human mind and brings out a level of creepy, goosebump addled fear new to the Edgar Allan Poe continuum.

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