24 Best Psycho Goreman Quotes

24 Best Psycho Goreman Quotes

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Psycho Goreman (PG, for short) Quotes

Part horror, part sci-fi, part gore, part comedy – and all fun. Shudder app’s Psycho Goreman is a humorous horror film which explores the dynamics of family from love to ongoing annoyances that can drive family apart.

Psycho Goreman (PG, for short) is an ancient monstrous overlord who is resurrected by outspoken tomboy Mimi and in doing so is taught various life lessons thanks to Mimi and her family. However, it doesn’t stop PG for unleashing a barrage of moustache twirling evil-doer rants that are truly worth documenting.

Check out our favourite quotes of this schlocky fun-filled splatter horror film and let us know which of these are your favourite Psycho Goreman quotes.

1. “Is that fear I smell? How sweet!!”

2. Chad: “I don’t wanna die!”
Psycho Goreman: “Then live forever.”

3. “I do not care for hunky boys. Or do I?”

4. “Petty displays of wealth… How can your short life spans allow such narcissism?”

5. “That… is a tale bathed in the blood of a million dead memories.”

6. Alasdair: “It was nice meeting you.”
Psycho Goreman: “It would be nicer if you were dead.”

Psycho Goreman in... Psycho Goreman - available on Shudder
Psycho Goreman in… Psycho Goreman – available on Shudder

7. “Time is a false construct that only exists for primitive beings unable to phase into the 9th dimension. Also, I got lost.”

8. “Those were good people. Those worms.”

9. “My entire existence is based on death and destruction – I will kill you both.”

10. “To be eaten is considered a warrior’s death.”

11. “Tell your people, darkness has fallen.”

12. Luke: “Have you ever felt all warm and fuzzy about somebody?”
Psycho Goreman: “Like when you rip out your enemy’s spine and display it to their grieving family?”
Luke: “No, not exactly.”

Psycho Goreman in the most average of garbs!
Psycho Goreman in the most average of garbs!

13. “All I feel is anger and hate – I will never be whole.”

14. “I put my trust in the worst the galaxy has to offer – and this is how you repay me? I should have known better.”

15. “Look into the pool and see the horror that dwells inside true darkness. Do you see? That’s where real darkness lies – within ourselves.”

16. Mimi: “Love is for losers anyway.”
Luke: “Oh yeah? I thought you were so in love with Alasdair?”
Mimi: “That doesn’t count. We’re just friends that are gonna get married and be together forever. And fight a lot, like mom and dad do.”

17. “Despite being a jibbering idiot, you have fought honorably. So I will give you a warrior’s death.”

18. “The horrors you just witnessed cannot be unseen. Your young minds will carry this until it consumes you in miserable death.”

19. “Find me. Find me or you all die!”

20. “Do not let her weak human skin fool you. She will strike you down immediately.”

21. “I feel my life slipping away.”

Psycho Goreman with big stabby knife.
Psycho Goreman with big stabby knife.

22. “Now I will do what I was meant to do – destroy everything. The age of chaos begins anew.”

23. Mimi: “Ok, here’s the deal, man. I’ll give you the gem so you can kill that mean lady. But you have to promise that you won’t kill us. Okay?”
Psycho Goreman: “I will not kill you, little creature. Or your family of idiots.”
Mimi: “Do you mean it?”
Psycho Goreman: “Yes.”
Greg: “Wait, what about telling him not to kill everyone else on the planet?”
Mimi: “Oh, yeah. Oops.”
Greg: “Oops is right!”

24. “Thanks to your family I know the true power comes from within – the power of love.”

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