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AWA Studios’ Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st

AWA Studios' Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st

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Newthink Drops Soon

For a while now, AWA Studios have been dubbing themselves “the independent developer of bold and relevant stories.” A spot on declaration given they’ve secured some of the most reputable talent in the comics industry within the last few decades. News dropped earlier this week that AWA Studios will publish their latest sci-fi anthology series entitled Newthink.

AWA Studios' Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st 1
AWA Studios’ Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st

Newthink’s Talent Team

Newthink comes from the mind of New York Times #1 international best-selling and award-winning writer, Gregg Hurwitz (WOLVERINE, PUNISHER) alongside an all-star team of artists. With each artist tackling a different issue, the original comic holds a dark mirror up to the modern world of technology and the culture wars. Yes, Black Mirror would be an apt comparison. The featured artists across this 5-issue series include Mike Deodato Jr. (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), Ramon Rosanas (STAR WARS), Mike Choi (UNCANNY X-MEN), Keron Grant (FANTASTIC FOUR), and Will Conrad (THE FLASH).

Writer and brainchild behind this series, Gregg Hurwitz, had this to say to the media:

“Thirty years ago looking forward, we would find our life today to be unimaginable. Computers in our pockets. Devices we talk to. Self-driving cars. How would we render it in fiction? In a world this crazy, maybe we don’t have to write about the future to show the surreal. Maybe we can show the insane present in a different light. That’s what NEWTHINK is all about.”

AWA Studios' Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st 2
AWA Studios’ Sci-Fi Anthology NEWTHINK drops June 1st

For Fans of Star Trek and Twilight Zone

Comparing it to the post-mid 21st century science fiction greats like Star Trek: TOS and Twilight Zone, AWA Studios say this is going to hold a mirror up to society and reflect the reality of living in modern day America. Newthink is a science fiction comic set in a faraway world that is actually the reality of living today in America. Newthink aims to examine the cultural and political polarization of the USA and the technocrats that have driven us to extremes of thought. Each story in the 5-issue anthology consists of unique characters and independant storylines that highlight these themes.

With this announcement, AWA Studios Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso added:

“Gregg Hurwitz has the political bona fides to tackle the complex issues within NEWTHINK and the writing talent to make them entertaining for a wide audience. He’s got something to say and he knows how to say it. Additionally, the stable of incredibly talented artists each provide their own bold, visionary take on the material, making NEWTHINK a title that we’re very proud of at AWA.”

Issue #1 of Newthink will be available Wednesday, June 1st both digitally and in stores wherever comic books are sold. With the following issues to appear in-store on a monthly basis.

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