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Alice #1 flips Alice in Wonderland on its Head

Alice #1 flips Alice in Wonderland on its Head

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Alice #1 is in no Wonderland – as this Kickstarter tells us!

Alice is in no Wonderland. If anything she’s peered a bit too closely into the looking glass and is on a journey to where the science fiction sub-genre known as Cyberpunk takes us all. It’s where science reigns supreme, the streets run heavy with tech-head punks and there’s probably a sanctimoniously snobbish discuss on the true meaning of life just around the corner. Not to mention androids. Oh god, androids!

Yessir, comic book creator and writer Matt Ringel has flipped Alice In Wonderland on her pretty little head with the first instalment of Alice. It’s the type of head flip that would send Lewis Carroll deeper into the bottle – if the avid drunkard was still alive.

^Alice #1 front cover in all its glory
^Alice #1 front cover in all its glory

What is Alice?

In short, Alice is a science fiction of the famous Lewis Carroll classic. Except this time around in a powerful female character taking charge of the whole “rabbit hole” scenario.

Captain Alice Carroll, USAF scientist is finally bringing her lifelong endeavor to existence. Project Looking Glass is meant to change the world forever but when it doesn’t go as planned Alice’s world is changed in ways she never expected. She finds herself in an alternate reality not too different from her own. Except for the fact that it’s a technocratic empire ruled by the Red Queen and her Hart Foundation. Now, Alice must team up with an underground resistance to defeat the Queen and find her way home.

 ^Alice #1 example page
^Alice #1 example page

I’ve had my fill of Alice in Wonderland. What makes this so special?

Alice is a 4 part mini-series. This comic book kicks off Issue #1 with a 31 page full colour, American Standard sized issue printed on high quality paper. As well as being perfect for science fiction fans and hardcore fans of the original classic novel, Tim Burton fans will love it, Cyberpunk fans will love it. Hell, if you enjoyed the philosophical and loosely scientific meanderings of Cyberpunk classics like The Matrix, Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell – you are guaranteed to fall in love with Alice.

Alice’s creative team consists of writer Matt Ringel, a Southern Ontario native and University of Ottawa and Algonquin College in Ottawa graduate who’s previously created Fallen. With artist italian born artist Marika Cresta, graduate of the Scuola Internazionale Comics di Roma and whose published works include the short story in the book Yamazaki 18 Years Apocrypha (Manfont Publishing) as well as a story in Grimm Tales of Terror Holiday Special (Zenescope Entertainment), Catalyst Prime (Lion Forge), X-Men (Marvel) and Dr Aphra (Marvel).

Joining the team is colorist Fahriza Kamaputra, is a self-taught comics colorist and concept artist whose past works have included Deathstroke (DC Comics), Batman and Superman Annual (DC Comics), and covers for TMNT (IDW). While letterer Toben Racicot, whose talents have credits on Beastlands, Sidequests, Gimmick and Ringel’s Fallen series.

Let’s recap:

  • Science Fiction Comic book injecting new life into the Alice in Wonderland fable
  • 31 page full color Comic book printed on high quality paper in USA standard size
  • Impressive team with a veritable smorgasbord of credits too long to recap
  • For fans of: Blade Runner, The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell
 ^Alice #1 example page
^Alice #1 example page

Where’s that Alice #1 Kickstarter link gone to?

Hopefully this article has convinced you enough to pick up Matt Ringel and co’s latest effort, Alice #1. If it has then head on over to this Kickstarter link and pledge your undying devotion in the form of no less than two pounds of flesh. Or you could be normal and just pledge under one of the tiers. Yeah, do that. Forget about the two pounds of flesh thing.

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