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Shadow’s Daughter brings a WTF combo of Supernatural and Post-Apocalyptic to Indiegogo

Shadow's Daughter Kickstarter

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Post-Apocalyptic and Supernatural in Shadow’s Daughter? Ok then.

After a successful campaign over on Kickstarter, Aussie comic book creator Morgan Quaid, is bringing his supernatural post-apocalyptic world, Shadow’s Daughter, to indiegogo. And yes I know what you’re thinking “how in the 10 shades of shit does supernatural even begin to enter a post-apocalyptic world?”

Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked that question. Let’s go deep.

Shadow's Daughter Kickstarter
^A previous cover of Shadow’s Daughter offered

What is Shadow’s Daughter?

Shadow’s Daughter is a supernatural, post-apocalyptic comic set in a world beset by preternatural beings and natural disasters which coincide with the rising of the demon moon. The comic features a strong female lead who possesses the ability to manipulate shadow as a physical object.

At its heart, this story is a crime/mystery narrative with supernatural/post-apocalyptic elements. The comic features a mix of intense dialogue, introspective discovery, and bursts of action whilst steadily introducing a group of core characters that surround Summer.

While Book 1 and 2 cover the main story of Shadow’s Daughter, the spin off comics show episodes from Summer’s earlier life as a fledgling bounty hunter working for the FBPI. The spin off books provide some background to main characters and each stands alone as a self-contained story.

In short: this is a kickass urban fantasy thriller featuring a female bounty hunter who can use shadow as a weapon!

^All 6 issues of Shadow's Daughter
^All 6 issues of Shadow’s Daughter

Why the hell should I support this?

Shadow’s Daughter is an exceptionally told tale. Building on Quaid’s scripting ability, you have the the art of Moises May, Daniel Reed and Adam Kmiolek, lending their talents to vibrant and sinister looking variant covers. There’s also the added advantage of being able to pick up 6 print comics all at once. That’s the whole series to date. No waiting for the next issues which is an added plus in my book.

The campaign is for 2 issues of the main Shadow’s Daughter comic, 4 x black and white spin off stories.

The Rating? If you care about such things is Teen + Mature themes included, with mild language, no nudity (sorry grifters). Expect the format of the printing as Modern US Comic size. And, thankfully, Quaid has decided to print this comic in both USA and Australia, in an effort to combat not just the worldwide paper shortages but also the ongoing cluster fuck that is international shipping costs.

Then there’s the favourable exchange rate for USA, UK and European backers. Sure it works out for you guys but what about us Aussies? We get absolutely screwed at the dollar. But hey, at least you get your copy of Shadow’s Daughter at a cheaper price then the rest of us, right? Fucking yanks…

Let’s recap:

  • 6 x Print Comics Available
  • 3 x Variant Covers Available
  • USA standard comic book size
  • Printing in both USA and Australia
  • Cheaper for USA and European backers

More on the Creator

Morgan Quaid is an Australian-based writer of speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror, specializing in fast-paced page turners set against expansive fantasy backdrops. When Morgan isn’t writing novels, comics, graphic novels, or short stories, he’s usually composing or producing music, or staring with longing and regret at a bar of chocolate.

Published works include: Whiplash Book 1 (Markosia), The Script Rebellion (Markosia), Shadow’s Daughter (Markosia), Idle Thuggery (Markosia). With upcoming works including: Rust Chronicles (Markosia 2022), The Blood Below (Markosia 2022).

Give me the Indiegogo Link you Vapid Aussie “Journo”

If this article has encouraged you to check out this incredible series then fantastic, here’s the Indiegogo link.
If not, well, use this link instead.

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