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Soulstream Volume 1 is a Fun All-Ages Tale that Kids can Enjoy on Their Own

Soulstream Volume 1 is a Fun All-Ages Tale that Kids can Enjoy on Their Own

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What is Soulstream?

Soulstream is a fun and colorful fantasy adventure from Scout Comics where the main character is whisked away to an alternate dimension, and soon after is given some incredible powers to help save the world. Saida Woolf is the creator, writer, illustrator, and letterer for this original story.

With Soulstream being the first title for Scoot, an all-ages imprint from Scout Comics, Woolf discusses in a previous interview the importance of this story and why it’s relevant to all readers. She said, “Throughout the story, the protagonist, Marie, struggles with her own anxiety and self-doubt. I hope that readers can connect with and relate to Marie and discover that it’s okay to be emotional and sensitive because those traits don’t make you any less strong. Soulstream is also a superhero story with a female lead and a female majority cast, which was important to me.”

What is Soulstream about?

Marie Rosales and her brother Markus are out on a hike, something Marie really “loves,” when they discover a mysterious looking bracelet-shaped structure in the middle of the woods. Although Marie approaches the entrance cautiously, both of them are brimming with excitement.

Marie and Markus go inside where they find an archway in the middle and a small box on the ground, which after opening they discover a pair of ornate keys and a small piece of paper. Marie grabs the paper, clears her throat, and loudly reads the message on the paper in the most dramatic fashion, as one would expect with any child or teenage response. The pair quickly find themselves transported through a portal, landing in a completely different world, what they see is completely different from life back home.

The Mirror World is a barren land of volcanic destruction and Marie soon finds herself as the wielder of a magical bracelet that enables her to control the water around her. With Marie’s new superhero identity as Soulstream, she takes on the important role of saving the world and finding other heroes to help her in this heroic cause. In an effort to do good, Marie, her brother, and a few newfound friends find themselves on a one-way path to stop a massive invading force from taking over the world.

Soulstream is a Wonderful Presentation in Finding New Friends and Self-Discovery

Saida Woolf does an exceptional job at creating a fantasy adventure comic that presents interesting themes relevant to people of all ages. Soulstream is a unique story where many of its characters are looking to find themselves in the midst of adapting to new magical powers that come with the responsibility of protecting their world.

Marie is the main protagonist, but many characters in Soulstream play important roles within its storytelling. Woolf generates a seamless sense of camaraderie among the core four; Marie, Markus, Oliver, and Eve. Even with a miscommunication during an earlier meeting, these four genuinely want to have a sense of belonging. They discuss their feelings in a way that feels safe and relatable to you, whether it’s Eve feeling awkward when someone shows her affection or Oliver being uncomfortable in crowds, because he’s more confident in a costume on stage as an actor. There are different ways that people can feel lonely, but Soulstream highlights that it doesn’t mean they’re incapable of branching out or deserving of such friendships.

Soulstream is a light-hearted tale where bonds of friendship are an essential component to finding the strength to push forward when things seem bleak. Each character has something positive to give, and even when mistakes or bad choices are made, this story highlights how it’s never too late to change; it’s a wonderful theme for readers, especially younger kids who might be struggling with making friends or discovering themselves.

This is an exceedingly fun story that wraps up nicely, and it definitely feels like there’s room for a lot more Soulstream in the future – and that’s exactly what you’ll want.

Soulstream’s Artwork is Playful and Inviting for All Ages

Woolf’s artistic style plays nicely to an all-ages comic book, making it easily accessible to young kids. Characters have very expressive facial expressions, while fight scenes and super powers are equally over-the-top in the most pleasant way. Wide eyes represent gleaming excitement, nervousness, or sorrow, while gaping or slender mouths also accentuate similar feelings.

Soulstream delivers a lot of emotion with characters who are struggling to deal with important new roles in their lives, including Markus who finds himself without a magical bracelet but still wanting to help his friends. It’s a testament to Woolf’s artwork to provide such an emotional range for her characters that matches the story and emphasizes their overall journey. There are characters, good and bad, who are struggling to find their place in both worlds, and the artwork is crafted so well where it tells the story on its own. This leads you to having an overwhelming connection to the characters where you feel their enthusiasm and hardships.

The color work in Soulstream is top notch. There’s such a wonderful vibrancy filling each page and this abundance of color makes happier sequences brighter and fight scenes with different weapons less scary, further making this comic book easily approachable for any and all ages. The story blends together a variety of panel sizes throughout, focusing on personal conversations or up-close action sequences where it’s easy to move from one page to the next, because you feel as if you’re there in the thick of things; however, the artwork is so playful where you want to soak in each panel and enjoy the overall feeling associated with these characters.

On top of expressive characters and vivid colors like blues, pinks, purples and oranges, the lettering also has an integral role in the overall storytelling. The variety of wavy or bold letters highlights physical actions or sound effects in a way that elevates these moments, while also continuing to give the story a G-Rated vibe where parents can feel comfortable leaving this story in the hands of their kids. In a world where scary or intense sequences can be too much for young kids, the lettering lightens the impact of these moments, similar to the punches being thrown in the original Batman TV show where they land with a big “POW!” or “BAM!”

Soulstream is Telling in its approach to Reach a Wide Audience

Soulstream is quite simply a fun story. It starts off with a wild adventure to a distant land, and it ultimately tells a story about bonding and learning that it’s never too late to find your place in the world. Woolf gives you an original tale where you explore a new world full of mages, learn about the Mirror World’s history, and cheer for a group of characters where their isolated feelings of teenage years feel all too familiar.

Soulstream is perfect for a younger audience who love lively colors, animated expressions, and an overall feeling of togetherness that dominates the landscape. If you’re a fan of stories like Primer, The Cardboard Kingdom, or Scooby Doo, this story will be a perfect addition to your bookshelf for those fun-loving adventures.

You will find yourself enamored with the story, loving the sincere or exaggerated reactions, and then enjoying the levity provided along the way from bits of humor or sarcastic moments. If you have little ones looking for a fun all-ages comic book, Soulstream is a win on all fronts.

Soulstream Volume 1 is a Fun All-Ages Tale that Kids can Enjoy on Their Own 9

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Saida Woolf

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Soulstream!

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You’re welcome, Saida. It was a great read!

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