Want a Supernatural stuck in High School Comic Book? Check out Lucifer’s Knight #2.

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Supernatural stuck in Highschool? Check out Lucifer's Knight #2.

Lucifer’s Knight is Supernatural Flipped on its Head

From the bowels of Action Lab Entertainment, Lucifer’s Knight is the typical series you’d expect involving angels, demons, and the supernatural. Throwing high school in the mix adds an interesting dynamic. Except in this case, Lucifer’s Knight flips the normal angels and demons trope on its head by asking the question “what if all my friends were Angels and Demons?”


Out of the half angelic, half demonic head of writer John Perry and artist Emilio Utrera, Lucifer’s Knight #2 is the dramatic fallout of protagonist and main character Luke finding out that all his friends are angels, demons, et al.

Supernatural meets High School Drama

After finding out the truth about his lifelong friends and girlfriend in the middle of school with no other school students around (surprise, surprise), Luke high tails it out of there. He exchanges a quick quip amid a flow of teenage drama he quickly orders his friends not to follow him.

Unsurprisingly, the one friend who does follow him (no spoilers here) manages to save Luke’s life from a soul ingesting crab demon. Trust me they’re scarier than they sound. Because apparently what teenagers lack in practicality they more than make up for in demon killing bazookas.

Yes. Demon killing Bazookas. Apparently that’s a thing in this comic book series.

Luke quickly makes his way home and up to his room after passing some clearly oblivious parents and a certificate plastered on the wall that clearly reads “Adoption Certificate.” Leading this reviewer to think Luke’s parents are clearly a bunch of A%%holes or the writer had no other way to fit the little easter egg of Luke’s adoption into the story.

We’re clearly being setup for Luke having a supernatural aura to his character. An aura that Luke hasn’t quite caught onto or discovered yet.

Great for fans of Buffy or Lucifer

Lucifer’s Knight is clearly an homage to all the great supernatural stories that have appeared in modern media. Buffy, Angel, Lucifer. Neatly slotted into a high school hormone drama. Though simple in its approach its an easy read that doesn’t get bogged in the details of the Angel/Demon dynamics.

Emilio Utrera’s art neatly compliments the story with his soft linework and abandonment of overtly technical illustration. While the palette from colorist Emmanuel Jolly Awodola looks superb in tandem with Utrera’s shading.

If you miss the high school melodrama meets supernatural bootstrapping of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (minus the vamps) then pick this book up. I would even say it teeters on the line of Adult and Young Adult fiction. This supernatural stuck in high school comic book gets a hall pass from me.

Lucifer’s Knight #2 is available on Comixology from the 22nd April, 2020.


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