Savor TPB (from Dark Horse Comics) Is A Delicious Adventure

Savor TPB

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Savor – Review

Creators Neil Kleid (Brownsville, Kings and Canvas, Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim), John Broglia (God Complex, Zombie-Sama) and Frank Reynoso (Kings and Canvas, The Sweetness) cooked up this story filled with fast-paced action, hilarious puns, and all the ingredients needed to make a delicious adventure for all ages known as Savor.


Savor tells the story of Warrior Chef Savor Batonnet. Trained to both cook and fight since before she even left Earth’s Oven – she has returned home to find out that her beloved island is overrun by demonic cooks who have taken her friends and family hostage. It will be up to her and the woman she admires to forge the world’s most powerful knife! Will they be enough?

Savor was released in January 2021 under Dark Horse Comics, and is available wherever you buy your graphic novels.

Savor Story and Image
Savor Front Cover

Savor Story

This story starts with a legendary demonic cook Nero, who once owned the most powerful cooking knife – but the power that came from it only corrupted him. The story states that only another powerful knife, created with the help of the goddess of the sea, would be able to end Nero’s story.

What happens next is an adventure unlike any other. It’s a story about finding home, finding oneself and growing up. Yet, it’s also a story packed to the brim with excitement and a lot of action. There’s hilarity and if you love puns about cooking, or just any type of puns, then this is for you too. Finally, for the sentimental folks – love abounds in the book; from family to friends to even romance – there’s plenty to adore about Savor.

This is a complete story, with a potential for more. I personally want more because the world of Savor with it’s gods, demons and world seemingly obsessed with the culinary arts, then turning them into a form of martial arts. How could anyone ever resist?

Savor Art

The art is as action packed story. I found myself impressed and even after multiple rereads there are things that I realized that I missed. Coming from South East Asia, it’s nice to see characters that can look like myself.

I love the setting of the world, and that’s what I love about the artwork – it shows a rich world, world that reminds me of video games and level-ing up, but also the gorgeous island life. It definitely makes me miss the days I spent in the tropical paradise of my homeland.

Savor TPB (from Dark Horse Comics) Is A Delicious Adventure 2

Savor Conclusion

If you like cooking shows, martial arts and strong female leads who might be in love with each other then Savor is a delicious adventure with enough spice to pack a punch.

You’ll not only end up feeling satisfied with a story well-done, but you’ll be clamoring for another serving of this fantastic story of Savor Batonnet!

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