REVIEW: BRZRKR #1 answers the question ‘What If John Wick was Immortal’

Brzrkr #1

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BRZRKR #1 Review

BRZRKR #1 is the first issue of Keanu Reeves’ comic book writing debut with co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Bang!) and artist Alessandro Vitti (Marvel’s Secret Warriors). Meant for mature readers, this is an action packed and brutally violent story about an immortal warrior’s search for the truth about his endless existence and the way to end it.


BRZRKR #1 starts the story of a man who is only known as Berzerker, a seemingly unstoppable man of great strength, and unstoppable anger that can overcome any fight that the US Government seems to throw at him. The story has two threads in this issue – one thread focusing on the attack, the other focusing on what he remembers about it.

BRZRKR is published by BOOM! Studios and is available at your Local Comic Shop

BRZRKR #1 comics review BOOM! studios
BRZRKR #1 Front Cover

BRZRKR #1 Story

The BRZRKR story starts with our main protagonist only known as Berzerker as he starts ramping up what I can assume is his rage, in preparation for a mission. What happens next is a series of violent events that continue to get even more bloody as the story continues, until your breath is taken away by the sheer gore of it.

But more than that, you can tell there’s depth to the story – it’s not just a bloodbath with Keannu’s face on it. What I love about the story is that even from the beginning – there’s already subtle flavor of a better person underneath the cynical killer. I’m a big fan of flawed beings just trying to do what needs to be done to become better. Though we barely see a hint of that, the hint still exists. The ending for the first issue is perfectly done that I did not realize that it was already over – and I was left clamoring for more.


As the BRZRKR story does not shy away from the action, the art reflects that nitty gritty feel of blood, gore, and guts everywhere. It’s is definitely not for the faint of heart. The dialogue is present, but it does not overwhelm the panels.

It is definitely a show, don’t tell kind of comic book, and Alessandro Vitti’s art quickly drew me in, and flipping to the very end of the issue, without realizing I was there already.

REVIEW: BRZRKR #1 answers the question 'What If John Wick was Immortal' 3
BRZRKR #1 Preview Pages

BRZRKR #1 Conclusion

Something about the opening scene, where Berzerker is sitting on a bench, while it is pouring rain, speaks to my dramatic soul. Is he homeless? It doesn’t seem like it. Does the government know this is where he hangs out when it rains? It’s just the perfect opening scene for what promises to be a crazy first issue.

I absolutely love the fact that BRZRKR reminds me of what John Wick might be like if he was immortal, and has suffered the loss of many pets already. I’m excited to read more of this story, and that’s not just because I’m a big fan of Keannue Reeves in general.

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