The Myth Butcher Has Plenty Of Teeth

The Myth Butcher

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The Myth Butcher Anthology

The Myth Butcher is a British adventure anthology set at the turn of the 20th century. It is written by Danny Gorny with art by Daniel Caval, Alessia Gasperini, and Nico Gamboa. While Colouring is handled by Berril Varcas.

Synopsis: The year is 1903, and the sun never sets on the British Empire. But it could. Colonel Jordan travels the world to prevent catastrophes and gain intelligence for the Crown. Where do these monsters keep coming from?

The Myth Butcher Issue 1 is currently on Kickstarter. 

The Myth Butcher Has Plenty of Teeth

The Myth Butcher Story 

The Myth Butcher is an anthology which highlights monsters of urban myth and lore at the turn of the twentieth century – and the individuals that hunt them down. Danny Gorny presents us with three tales loosely based on historical events that no one cares about. An interesting premise which gives space for the exploration of beasts and monsters that are more alien than earthly. 

Gorny’s approach to comic book scripting is more prose than comic book. Relying on the protagonist’s anecdotal fictional accounts to direct the eb and flow of each short story. Despite this heavy reliance on narrative, Gorny has stuck within the confines of a formula that works for him. Each story has the feeling of the first two thirds building up to the reveal of the star monster in a way that is very James Bond in how the Big Bad is finally revealed at the tail end of a Block Buster. 

While Gorny isn’t breaking any new comic book ground here. Myth Buster is a terrific exhibition on Gorny’s form as a writer. Both in his understanding of self, process and his love for the fantastical. Gorny’s monster worship leads one to believe that his hallowed grail of pop culture media would be the Tremors films. Likewise, The Myth Butcher has an air of B-rated schlocky fun to it.

The Myth Butcher Art

The Myth Butcher art is an interesting topic to tackle. While the art of Daniel Caval, Alessia Gasperini, and Nico Gambo is nothing scoff at – I do come from the side of the fence that questions why have 3 different artists with 3 similar style working on the same book. There is little contrast or juxtaposition present in this anthology. What makes anthologies truly great in the comic book medium is the interpretation and reinterpretation of a contained world. I don’t feel like anything has been achieved here.

Of the three of them, I feel like Caval’s art feels as near to the writing style as appropriate. While Gasperini’s and Gambo’s styles are far from talentless, I would’ve liked to have seen more variety. Something is missing here. Although that something is washed over by the fantasy world-alike vibrancy of the colour palette. 

The Myth Butcher Conclusion

The Myth Butcher is a fun adventure piece into the way the early 1900s viewed action and adventure. Complete with a set of vicious monsters and otherworldly beasts. Thanks to the exceptional colouring talents of Berril Varcas we have an early 1900s telling of the Tremors films in comic book form. If the Brits took a swing at otherworldly monsters from the great beyond. Just like the Tremors films, The Myth Butcher has plenty of teeth. 

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