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Osaka Mime is an Odd, yet Intriguing, Graphic Novel

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Osaka Mime – Review

Written by Andy Leavy, illustrated by Hugo Araujo, and lettered by Rob Jones, Osaka Mime is an 80 page graphic novel that readers will really sink their teeth into. Combine the feel of a Junji Ito manga with the show Supernatural, and you’ll have an idea of what’s to come from Osaka Mime.


Set in Japan, two Osaka detectives in a supernatural branch of law enforcement trying to track down a tricky serial killer – a creature called a mime, which can change into the form of the person they kill.

Osaka Mime is published by… and you can pick it up through Comixology or from your Local Comic Shop.

Osaka Mime comic book review

The Story of Osaka Mime

The story is intriguing, and one of the main characters really gives off a John Constantine vibe, minus the powers. There are a lot of cool ideas within the plot, as well as excellent characters that you find yourself easily liking. The writing really blends the line between supernatural horror and crime drama in a very successful way. The only complaint I honestly have is wishing that it was longer, so that motivations and back stories could be more thoroughly explored. This is especially true for me with the mime itself – I expected more about why it was doing what it was, but I didn’t feel fully satisfied with all that I knew about it.

Osaka Mime is an Odd, yet Intriguing, Graphic Novel 1

The Art of Osaka Mime

I absolutely love the art for this book. As mentioned earlier, there is definitely a dark manga vibe like the work of Junji Ito – and I mean this in a highly flattering way. There’s a reason his work is so popular. But what Hugo Araujo does is a unique style of what I’m referring to. Clean lines, with a crime noir flare that really sets the tone of Osaka Mime.

The details of Osaka Mime are really fantastic to get lost within, as well. We can get fully immersed within the story, while the visuals pull us into a realistic feeling scenario with surreal and horrifying creatures out for blood. This art really stands out to me and adds so much to the book. Pair that with the fantastic lettering skills of Rob Jones, and you have a great comic.

Osaka Mime is a coming May 19th, 2021 from Behemoth Comics. If you’re a fan of Japanese inspired horror, supernatural stories, and crime noir – then Osaka Mime is definitely for you.

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