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Post-Metalcore band STILLNIGHT set to release “Dream State” late March

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New album from Stillnight

Stillnight is an American Post-Metalcore band consisting of vocalist Danny Sullivan, bassist Tony Rogers, and guitarist Kody Thompson. The group is bringing a new light to the era of modern metal music as ethereal ambient background cascades amongst the heavy riffs and crushing vocals. Their deep, emotional energy and introspective thoughts bring a darker, unheard side to the genre. 

^Stillnight "Dream State" album art
^Stillnight “Dream State” album art

The band uses a genre label to describe their music, but not to define it. They trample the outdated expectations of metalcore by ranging from brutal breakdowns to somber verses to unlock an experience of deep emotional connection. Whether it’s a deep personal tie or a response from the music itself, Stillnight aims to connect with the intense feelings within sorrow and melancholy.

Dream State Release Date

Stillnight’s debut record, Dream State, is set to release on March 25th, 2022. The trio plans to showcase their diversity through a wide spanning tracklist with something for every metalhead to relish in.

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