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Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Sorority Horror Films

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Our Top Sorority Horror Movie Picks

The horror genre is gratuitous by its very nature, so it only makes sense that many horror stories are set in places that give fans the raunchy scenes they demand. Pretty girls running from killers is a staple of the industry, and there’s no better place to make that happen than a college sorority house. This setting can play into the innocent and mean girl tropes of the genre in every scene that it’s hard for filmmakers to resist.

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1. Happy Death Day

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Some of the best horror films are ones in which multiple ideas and genres are mashed together. That’s where Happy Death Day comes in. It essentially takes Groundhog Day and turns it into a slasher film. It also leans heavily into comedy, as well. The sorority nature of the film is downplayed a bit, but it plays an important role in the climax.

2. Scream 2

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Moving the sequel of Scream from high school to a college campus was a natural progression. It also featured an amazing death scene of ’90s “it” girl Sarah Michelle Gellar being chased by Ghostface through a sorority house. Unfortunately, the Buffy actress doesn’t survive the encounter, but it made for a very memorable death.

3. Sorority Row

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Sorority Row is just one film in many re-imaginings of various horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s. It features typical horror cliches such as partying sorority girls and a secret that drives a serial killer to come after them. While there’s not much to separate it from the standard horror tropes fans of the genre have come to love, it’s still a good time to throw on and watch pretty girls get murdered.

4. Initiation of Sarah

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Although remade some decades later, the original Initiation of Sarah actually pulled off its premise better. The film is about a girl with telekinetic powers that gets wrapped up in a brutal sorority initiation ritual. It’s a made for TV film, so the horror is toned down by today’s standards. Still, in terms of employing the mean girl trope in a supernatural horror setting, it stands out amongst its competition.

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5. Killer Party

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Unlike some slasher films, Killer Party injects a little bit of the supernatural into its story. It’s primarily about a group of girls pledging to a sorority that become possessed one by one and engage in a killing spree. The film is quite entertaining and leans a little bit into black comedy. The combination of all these elements make it a surprisingly decent watch compared to a lot of genre clones. It might not be people’s first choice when viewing a sorority slasher movie, but it shouldn’t be the last either.

6. Sorority House Massacre

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Sorority House Massacre answers the question, “what if Halloween took place at a sorority?” The premise is essentially the same, and so the film was criticized for that, but it’s actually not terrible when compared to other Halloween clones. In fact, it was good enough to spawn a bit of a series. After all, when looking for an ’80s slasher flick, it doesn’t take much to satisfy that itch and see young people get murdered.

7. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Horror more than any other genre loves to take its films to ridiculous extremes. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama is exactly that. The story is about a creature that was released in a mall bowling alley that grants wishes to a group of people. Of course, those wishes backfire and the group has to work together to escape the creature’s shenanigans. The great thing about this horror comedy is that it knows how absurd it is and isn’t shy about reveling in it. It’s not high cinema, but it’s good for a cringey laugh.

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8. Final Exam

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Like many others, Final Exam often gets compared to its predecessors like Friday the 13th and Halloween, but the film does enough to separate itself from others. It actually attempts a fair bit of characterization for his victims. Also, it never truly focuses on who the killer actually is. He’s never even revealed. He simply stalks around a college campus, killing students before they head home for summer break, which is pretty much all a horror film actually needs. Sometimes, a nameless killer is good enough.

9. Hell Night

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Hell Night might be the most stereotypical, cliche slasher movie there is. It takes about every trope horror fans can think of and jams them into a single story. A group of college students head to a house for a costume party only to discover the house is filled with traps and pranks that result in their death. Like so many slasher movies that came before it, Hell Night easily falls into the generic. Yet as time goes on, fans of the genre can find a subtle appreciation for just how much it leans into the classic tricks of the trade.

10. Black Christmas

Top 10 Sorority Horror Movies

Horror movies love to capitalize upon holidays. There are slasher films for Halloween, 4th of July, and, of course, Christmas. A loose remake of an earlier film, Black Christmas doesn’t reach the heights of some other Christmas themed horror films, but in terms of sorority murder, it still gets the job done. The story features a disfigured and disturbed individual who returns home years later only to learn that it’s been turned into a sorority house. So obviously, the proper thing to do is to go in a killing spree.

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