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10 Best D&D Gift Ideas

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The season of giving is upon us! It may feel abrupt, yet it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on holiday gifting. Gift giving can be overwhelming, not just financially but also due social and situational appropriateness. Nobody wants to over-or under-give, creating awkwardness with a coworker, at a white elephant exchange, in a new relationship, or with the quirky black sheep of the family.

Not to worry – As a mom/lady person of a wizened age, I have done all of the overthinking for you and eliminated the guess work that comes with gift-giving for the D&D enthusiast! Guard your bank accounts against a critical hit: These awesome items (in no particular order), for all price ranges will satisfy gift giving needs for gaming enthusiasts.

1. Heart Beat Dice

Support marginalized communities with a huge variety of dice set and merchandise options including Pride, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Black Lives Matter dice sets and accessories. Queer & BIPOC Owned and Operated, Heart Beat Dice provides quality goods while a portion of sales are donated annually to charities that help promote equality, provide access to education and healthcare, and protect basic rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. With a mission like this, there are no bad options!

10 Best D&D Gift Ideas 1
10 Best D&D Gifts: Glow in the Dark Neon Rainbow Pride Dice Set

2. Found Familiar Coffee

What if the person you’re purchasing for doesn’t like D&D, but you still want to support the RPG community? Found Familiar has drool worthy coffee options from around the world, in beautiful packaging, and every bag of coffee sold helps fund creative projects and businesses within the TTRPG realm. They even have decaf options, for non-caffeine addicts, and gift cards if your recipient might prefer their merchandise or making their own flavor choices.

3. Witch Hunt Store

Supporting indie business becomes more valuable, and vital, every year. Etsy never disappoints when it comes to discovering niche shops, and Witch Hunt Store has all the well-made D&D jewelry and accessories for the times when you’re not actually playing D&D ! Everything from beautiful D20 necklaces in various metals to keychains-They even have stylish neckties and tie bars for when you need to look professional but want to maintain your pop of geek flair.

4. Dungeon in a Box

Whether you’re daunted by the huge task of world building, or you’d like to level up your storytelling, Dungeon in a Box delivers everything you need for monthly epic adventures. They offer great sign up incentives along with 3D terrain, maps, minis, adventure books and more. Monthly boxes can be ordered as one shots or year long campaigns, so every attention span is covered! The recurring subscription reminds your gift recipient that you care every single month.

5. Heroes Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook

Great heroes have great appetites! The recipes, including a simple Elven Bread and The Mindflayer (vodka, ya’ll!) are fun and unique, while the presentation and simple ingredients fit with the D&D theme. With over 8,000 five-star reviews, this is a well priced gift with just enough beauty and artistic style that your recipient will appreciate it, whether they are avid cooks or use it to elevate their coffee table décor.

10 Best D&D Gifts: Simple and delicious Elven Bread
10 Best D&D Gifts: Simple and delicious Elven Bread

6. The Last Gameboard

Just in time for the holidays, this long-awaited, fan-backed “gateway to a new dimension” is finally shipping! Where this is a big ticket item in terms of cost, you don’t have to be a high roller to get in on the endless fun. Whether you’re picking this up for your partner, yourself, or going in collectively to share the expense and experience with your gaming crew, Gameboard is here and worth the hype.

7. Coyote and Crow

The recent buzz around this Native greeted tabletop RPG is legit-The smash Kickstarter sci-fi fantasy is set in a First Nations alternative future where colonization never happened. One would be hard pressed to find a more compelling “what if?” than this concept, and the Coyote & Crow core rule book is available for pre-order just in time for the gifting season. Impress your gift recipient while raising marginalized voices.

10 Best D&D Gifts: Coyote and Crow
10 Best D&D Gifts: Coyote and Crow

8. Hero Forge

While custom D&D minis are not a new concept, who within this community can ever get enough? RPGs work because we feel connected to the characters we create, who go on to have interactions with other characters and create epic moments. The incredible level of customization offered at Hero Forge is an epic way to really nail the perfect gift by showing a loved one you care enough to pay homage to their characters. Digital gift cards are available if your beloved would prefer to customize their own creation.

9. Wyrmwood Gaming

All RPG enthusiasts need new dice sets, right? You simply can’t have too many! Hand carved dice trays are also forever crowd pleasers. Show your class this gifting season with unparalleled, craftsman promise backed gaming necessities from Wyrmwood. THere’s something so special about new age, practical geek gaming accessories made by such an old world, skilled craftsman hand. Items for every interest level and price range.

10 Best D&D Gift Ideas 2
10 Best D&D Gifts: Spalted Timber Personal Dice Tray

10. Paola’s Pixels

Despite the unparalleled comfort, sometimes I even tire of my Death Saves wardrobe (plus, the prices are steep!) For a wider variety of awesome clothing, plus pins, badges, bags and more, Paola’s Pixels is a great way to level up your wardrobe. Founder and creator Paola is a Bolivian native who is not only a versatile designer-She’s easy to work with to! No buyer remorse to be found here.

*Bonus Action

The final hot tip for finding the perfect D&D gift for someone special: Search #dndartists on Twitter. Not only will you be blown away by the incredible work of so many talented folks, you can find the right indie artist to create something truly one of a kind.

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