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My Kind of Weird Episode 14 – Deadly Education vs Shadowman

My Kind of Weird Deadly Education vs Shadowman

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My Kind Of Weird Podcast – Episode 14

with guest: Paulina Samy

My Kind Of Weird is a Podcast where two people swap and pitch three kinds of media: something watchable, something readable and something listenable – to see if each person says at the end of the podcast “That’s My Kind of Weird.”

On this week’s episode, Anthony and indie game developer Paulina Samy swap three kinds of weird with each other. 

As Anthony struggles to get over the brilliance of Filipino supernatural anime Trese, Paulina debates just how metal Netflix’s The Way of the House Husband is. Things get super weird when Naomi Novik’s dark Harry Potter series Deadly Education goes head to head with Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis Hunt’s Shadowman #1. But it’s gender positive podcast Wonderfully Done and the alternative rock of Autolux that round out this episode.

Check out DragonBear Studio’s ‘Innchanted’ game.


June 21st, 2021


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