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Maurice and the Metal Kickstarter hits over 300% under our Watch

Maurice and the Metal #3

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Building on our original announcement, our client Aaron Sammut and his Kickstarter campaign Maurice and the Metal #3, has hit over 300% of its funded goal.

Maurice and the Metal smashes through 300% on Kickstarter

Written by Aaron Sammut and drawn by artist Nicola Izzo, Issue 3 of heavy metal comic Maurice and the Metal explores the meeting of the superhero minds and continues the question of “why can’t a metalhead be a superhero?” in this gargantuan supercharged issue of 40+ pages. 

SYNOPSIS: The electrifying trials of a teenage drummer turned unexpected hero continue in issue 3 of Maurice & The Metal – “The Soldier of Metal”. Awakened by a nightmare of epic sacrifice, Maurice realises that he will have to face the music: endless gloomy goth music!

The venomous V reveals to his dark army of doom-lovers a depressing plan to impose his will (and music) on the masses as a way to spread the sadness. Unwilling to be a bystander, Maurice is forced to enter a world of near-impossible choices that lead him to something he never saw coming: responsibility. Staring Into the Void, Maurice will ask himself a fateful question: “Do I have to?”

Maurice and the Metal Kickstarter hits over 300% under our Watch 1

Maurice and the Metal – Issue 3 dropped on Kickstarter back on the 24th May and in just under 24 hours received the legendary status of PROJECTS WE LOVE badge. Perhaps it was due to the unending supply of merch available or maybe it’s because Kickstarter staff love their comics METAL THRASHING MAD?

Click the link below to join in on the Metal Thrashing Madness before the Maurice and the Metal campaign comes to an end:

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