Loïc Duruz from Chaoseum talks Influences, Touring with Soulfly and Kataklysm


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Chaoseum Interview

Last week I caught up with Loïc Duruz, guitarist for Switzerland based Nu-Metalcore band Chaoseum. We talked about inspiration, touring with Soulfly and keeping your eye on the prize.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself and CHAOSEUM.

Loïc Duruz: My name is Loïc. I’m a guitar player for Chaoseum. Chaoseum is a Nu-Metalcore band from Switzerland. The band was formed in 2018 and we have already released 3 albums and toured in USA, Russia, Europe with Soulfly, Kataklysm, Incite, Tarja, Eluveitie, Cellar Darling…

Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind your band Chaoseum.

Loïc Duruz: Our experiences and our life are an inspiration for some songs, but sometimes we try to create an imagined story. Our last record talks about second life and each songs was written with this theme.

Where did song writing start for you and what is your origin story?

Loïc Duruz: The first songs were composed at the end of 2017. We want to create something more modern and aggressive than our old band. The first title was “First Step To Hell”. This song inspired us for the visual and atmosphere of the band.

Chaoseum is clearly influenced by a range of different Nu-Metal Bands but where does the overall Metal genre sit for you? What are your go to’s?

Loïc Duruz: Our inspiration comes from the Nu-Metal of the 2000’s as well as from Metalcore and modern metal.

What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to writing new music? How do you overcome them?

Loïc Duruz: The most complicated thing is not to do the same songs every time. We try to vary the styles by adding a lot of different instruments or sounds.

Loïc Duruz from Chaoseum talks Influences, Touring with Soulfly and Kataklysm 1

How did you go about finding the right musicians to work with?

Loïc Duruz: We are long time friends and have played together for a long time. We all have the same goals and that’s why the band is doing well.

Many of us creators work on projects outside of our 9-5 jobs. Do you have any advice for balancing careers with passion projects/side hustles?

Loïc Duruz: Hahaha yes indeed. We don’t really have any advice but only that we have to take the time to do things right and never give up.

Do you have any upcoming events/projects/releases you would like to discuss?

Loïc Duruz: Yes. We just got out of the studio. We’re going to release an acoustic album in June. And we will be on a European tour in October with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Ex Deo.

Thank you for taking the time to do this! Where can readers listen to Chaoseum?

Loïc Duruz: On Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, iTunes, Facebook, and Instagram.

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