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Homo Mortalis, by Sebastian Vice, available now through Anxiety Press

Homo Mortalis Meditations on Memento Mori

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Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori

Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori is the debut poetry book by Sebastian Vice released April 4th, 2022 through Anxiety Press. Homo Mortalis is part memoir, part philosophical anthropology, and full-on nihilism shot through the lens of Terror Management Theory.

Author Sebastian Vice told Press earlier today:

“I was inspired to write these poems after reading The Worm At The Core, a central text inspired by the work of Ernest Becker (The Denial of Death). In in, the authors postulate—as Becker did—that the terror of death, and whether we accept, or more often than not deny it, explains most, if not all, human behavior. Such is the crux of what’s know in existential psychology as Terror Management Theory (TMT).

Front and back of Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori
Front and back of Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori

“In the Fall 2021, I decided to survey my history, and in poetry form, provide a memoirish take on how I view the world in relation to TMT, existentialism and eastern philosophy. Many of these poems have been described as raw and brutally honest, as I outline abuse, neglect, mental illness, and suicide attempts. The book extends beyond a survey of my personal pessimistic outlook on life, and contends with current issues: war, violence, the funeral industry, psychotherapy, anti-natalism etc., with an application of existential, eastern philosophical, and TMT analysis to such subjects.

“Written in free-verse, I hope the readers find a lack of pretention, and my hope is these poems make people feel a little less alone. You won’t find happy endings here, but perhaps that’s ok. Perhaps it will comfort the disturbed and open a dialogue for others to be more open about their lived experiences and outlook on life.”

Remember: all roads in life lead to the grave, and the harsh reality is that we all shall die. Is this a comfort? Or a curse? That’s a problem only you can answer.

You can order Homo Mortalis through Amazon here.

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