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Austin Davis’ Lotus & The Apocalypse Explores Mental Health through Poetry

Lotus and the apocalypse

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Austin Davis’ Lotus & The Apocalypse Explores The End Of The World, Mental Health And More

Over the last few years, the end of the world has seemed less and less like Hollywood movie plot. How would you feel if today was your last day on Earth? This was the question that inspired Austin Davis’ new poetry novella, Lotus & The Apocalypse, published by Outcast Press earlier this month on March 1st, 2022.

Austin Davis is a 22 year old poet currently finishing out his senior year of college at ASU. Austin has OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome, and depression, and during the first year of the pandemic, Austin’s mental health severely declined.

Lotus and the Apocalypse - Austin Davis

Author Austin Davis said to press outlets:

“I felt like I was climbing this mountain with my mental health. I knew if I just kept going, I’d eventually get to a place where I could rest. But I got too tired. I let go and it felt like I was free falling. I wasn’t eating or sleeping or taking care of myself very well. But when I started to write this book, it gave me the strength to reach my hand out, grab a hold of a rock and keep going.”

This 18-poem literary/visual arts collection, aptly entitled “Lotus and the Apocalypse,” explores themes such as death, sex, drugs, drinking, honesty, and the after-life. With rock ‘n’ roll flare and an appreciation for nature, Austin Davis unravels everything from teenage degeneracy to the cosmos in under 50 pages.

Davis has been touring the country since the release of Lotus & The Apocalypse. At his performances, people have expressed how his book has inspired them to get help for their mental health, pursue sobriety and more. Above all else, Davis’ goal for this book is to help people feel less alone in what they’re going through and create connection through catharsis. 

“The poems in this book are all about being honest with yourself about your fears, mistakes and hopes. Together, we can grow. Together, we can take care of each other. Together, we can move the world forward into a place of greater peace, love, and harmony.”

Lotus & The Apocalypse is available now wherever books are sold. You can get yourself a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at many independent bookstores.

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