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Nevada McPherson’s “Poser” Shines A Light on Silicon Valley

Nevada McPherson's Poser Shines A Light on Silicon Valley

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Poser Shines A Light on the Male Dominated Culture of Silicon Valley

Transgressive fiction publisher, Outcast Press, has announced the release of Nevada McPherson‘s Poser. The first in a noir series called the Eucalyptus Lane novels, features a failed Bay Area drug dealer posing as a Stanford grad student while hiding out from a wicked connection in The City. His life is transformed for real when he falls for a Palo Alto tech heiress who’s also his new landlady, leading to a lifestyle and opportunities he never anticipated for himself and that he’ll do anything to maintain.

Nevada McPherson was inspired to write this story while spending time in Palo Alto and residing at Stanford several years ago. On evening walks around the campus and environs, she became intrigued by the notion that a person could pose as a student, and if they knew their way around well enough, gain access to much that the university has to offer.

Nevada McPherson's "Poser" Shines A Light on Silicon Valley
Nevada McPherson’s “Poser” Shines A Light on Silicon Valley

Back home in New Orleans, McPherson later came across a news item in the paper where someone had done just that, going so far as living in the dorm, and joining campus organizations before getting caught. The perks of being a Silicon Valley poser have expanded considerably but so have the consequences of getting found out, exemplified by the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes.

The recently convicted Theranos founder wore a Steve Jobs-inspired wardrobe and lowered her voice to sound more masculine in the Valley’s male-dominated culture, gaining big-name backers before being exposed as a poser of the first order for committing outright fraud. McPherson claims the fascination surrounding Holmes proves there’s something about the poser “mystique” that captivates people even as the search for authenticity has become a driving force.

As the story beginning with Poser progresses, it becomes apparent that the main character of the title isn’t the only one with something to hide, claims McPherson. In a recent interview, she stated:

“No matter how we present ourselves to the world, we all have a backstage view of our lives. In the age of social media and even daily interactions, as well as in the world of this novel, everyone’s a poser to a certain extent; it’s just a matter of degree.”

About Nevada McPherson

Nevada McPherson, professor of English, holds an MFA in Screenwriting from Louisiana State University. She has written several award-winning screenplays, as well as stage plays, non-fiction pieces, and graphic novels. More about Nevada McPherson and her novel, Poser, her other writing and artwork can be found at her website.

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