Exclusive Preview: The Depraved #1 – Available Soon on Kickstarter

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Depraved #1 Synopsis

The Depraved is a love letter to noir, crime dramas and detective mysteries. It focuses on the most depraved of man and the good people who struggle to keep them in check. In this first issue we witness a murder of a famous actress and watch as Detective James Miller, a weary down trodden man attempts to bring her justice.

Miller views Empire City as an amoral cesspool of crime, a monster that breads black knights to do its evil bidding. He has become eroded by the weight and pressure the city exerts, yet he struggles on. He struggles on because he is a good man. He struggles on, but he’s losing.

The Depraved Issue 1 available soon on Kickstarter

Rewards and Tiers

The Depraved is a a four issue mini series that aims to capture fans of movies such as Seven and Zodiac and TV Shows such as Mindhunter or True Detective. This particular kickstarter is to fund some of the ongoing work for issue 2 and produce a kickstarter exclusive print run of issue 1, previously only released digitally. Written by Samuel D Davies, Art from Martin Davey and colours provided by Jason Finestone. 

The fundraiser will run on Kickstarter launching on the 12th of March until the 11th of April and as a special Kickstarter exclusive any tier will be able to add on The Depraved: Noir a digital only sin city style recolouring of the Issue #1 for just £2.

What to expect from The Depraved Issue 1

The Depraved creative team expect you to find the same tension and suspense as found in Psychological Thrillers like Mindhunter, True Detective or The Zodiac. The Depraved’s writer and creator Sam Davies had the following to say about this upcoming release:

“The Depraved is our 4 Issue love letter to the crime genre, 7 years in the making. Working with Martin to craft a detective story peppered with psychological horror has been a dream of mine made reality. 

“We wanted to craft a tale set in the late 50s early 60s, a setting Martin beautifully brought to life, that reflects the turbulent and often sinister modern world. It is a story as much as about dealing with the pressures of modern life as much as it is an eerie murder romp.”

Follow this Kickstarter journey by Clicking Here.

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