Exclusive Preview: Bottoms Up #1 – Available Tomorrow on Kickstarter [NSFW]

Bottoms Up on Kickstarter

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Bottoms Up Synopsis

Bottoms Up is written by Joe Cabello with art by Kent Esmalla and cover art by Laura Mondragon.


An alcoholic party girl on the brink of going sober partakes in one last night of drinking with her friends, but a deadly bottle of booze may truly make it her last drink.

Bottoms Up is an homage to grindhouse films, 80s horror, and especially Street Trash (1987), Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor is full of melting bodies, suspense, and a dash of horny.

Rewards and Tiers

$5 gets you both issues 1 and 2 in digital form. Over 60+ pages of horror madness! The best thing is, there’s no waiting. Bottoms Up creator Joe Cabello promises that once the campaign is funded he’ll send out your copy straight away.

Exclusive Preview: Bottoms Up #1 - Available Tomorrow on Kickstarter

What to expect from Bottoms Up – Issue 1

If you like 80s horror and manga, then you’re going to love this. It has comedy and slice-of-life elements, all with a heavy cloud of horror hanging over it.

Writer Joe Cabello had the following to say about this release:

“When I wanted to write a new horror script, I was thinking about what makes the best horror for me, and it’s the inescapable things in our lives. Something like Freddy Kreuger comes to mind, because you can’t escape sleep. Everyone has to sleep. It’s terrifying. I always wanted to do something like that, something ubiquitous with life.

“That’s where the idea for a killer bottle of alcohol came, and I was especially influenced by movies like Body Melt and Street Trash, which is a big influence on this comic. I wanted to dig deeper into the theme of alcoholism,. and the idea of ourselves being the killer. We willingly and gladly poison ourselves when we drink alcohol. These people could survive the night if they can just resist their addictions and impulses. I wanted to find the terror in that. And also celebrate the funny chaos a night of drinking can bring.”

While Artist Kent Esmalla added:

“I’m really excited to see what people would think. This is my first time doing a horror comic and it was a real challenge. There’s things that I didn’t know that I need to learn and improve on quickly but I really had fun making it. I wish that people would like it that’ll make me able to continue drawing the comic, I guarantee that the next chapters will be not only as good but much better than the previous chapters.”

Joining the pair on this endeavour is Cover Artist Laura Mondragon, who has created a truly jaw dropping Anime looking cover.

Bottoms Up is a Mini Series that is slated for 4-6 issues in total.

Follow this Kickstarter journey by Clicking Here.

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