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Daniel Avery drops ‘Higher’ (Single + Video)

Daniel Avery drops Higher (Single + Video)

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About ‘Higher’

‘Higher’ is a new track from eclectic electronica producer and composer Daniel Avery. It was released on the 12th July, 2022 and is the first single off his upcoming studio album, Ultra Truth. 

In the film clip, Daniel Avery uses the graphics in ‘Higher’ as the building blocks to what looks like a brave new world. Almost as if he’s terraforming a new earth, which works well, given the bold and alternative sounding drum and bass lines throughout the track. Accompanied by a distorted hum that creates a very atmospheric third instrument to give this science fiction vibe to the space ‘Higher’ occupies.

As a newcomer to Daniel Avery’s work, ‘Higher’ is a fantastic icebreaker. The first half of the track feels like early Aphex Twin sessions with a proper remastering. While the audible distorted synth provides a bold atmosphere. Almost like a dark and vengeful storm wreaking havoc on the landscape down below. I’m excited to hear what comes next from Daniel and what his fans think of this appetiser to the main course that is Ultra Truth.

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Listen to ‘Higher’

Where to find Daniel Avery

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About Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery, Higher

Daniel Avery could be best described as an eclectic electronica composer. For ‘Higher’ he went back to his original influences and pulled inspiration from emotive records by the likes of Deftones, Portishead, Nick Cave and Mogwai. As well as the exquisite darkness of David Lynch’s movies not to create a thunderous impactful sound. 

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