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Lyle Ringold talks writing for Konkret Comics

Lyle Ringold talks writing for Konkret Comics

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Interview with Lyle Ringold – American Comic Book Writer

Yesterday I caught up with Matteson local and comic book writer, Lyle Ringold. In the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, Lyle has released The Watchman #1 through independent comic book company, Konkret Comics. We covered his love for Marvel Comics, The CW shows and his writing goals.

Let’s dig deep into the world of comic book creator Lyle Ringold.

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Hi Lyle, how are you going right now? How is this chaotic world treating you?

Lyle Ringold: What’s up man? I’m good. Just living. Trying to make it through these gas prices haha just happy gas started going back down. I’m back to $20 fill ups now.

Where in the world are you from?

Lyle Ringold: I am from Matteson, IL. A suburb, south of Chicago. 

Lyle Ringold's The Watchman - available from Konkret Comics
Lyle Ringold’s The Watchman – available from Konkret Comics

What projects are you currently working on?

Lyle Ringold: Currently I am working on Issue 3 of Tevin Fields is The Watchman, but my Kickstarter for Issue 2 is going on right now.

What’s The Watchman about for those not in the know?

Lyle Ringold: As life takes a turn for the worst, Tevin Fields returns to Warren City looking for answers as he takes up the mantle of “The Watchman”.

When Air Force veteran Tevin Fields discovers he is the lost child of Warren City’s greatest crime fighter, he will inherit the mantle of The Watchman to protect his city from unknown forces while also trying to solve a mystery.

How did you first get started?

Lyle Ringold: I always had a love for comics and movies so I wanted to make a film or pilot of some sort, but I needed a cheaper way of doing it to start out and get my work out into the world so I decided to make a comic.

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Lyle Ringold out and about in Matteson, IL
Lyle Ringold out and about in Matteson, IL

What’s your favourite era of creative work by other writers?

Lyle Ringold: Honestly I do not have any favorite writers. If you are talking about writing in the sense of films or tv then I loved the writing of the Tv show Arrow, Flash and Stargirl on the CW. For movies I love the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Dark Knight Trilogy. 

Are you more of a horror or sci-fi nerd? What are your go to films to check out?

Lyle Ringold: I am more of a sci-fi guy myself. My go to films are Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, The Adam Project, Maze Runner, the Spiderman films, Men In Black.

You’ve mentioned superhero films but what are some more typically sci-fi stories that you vibe with? 

Lyle Ringold: Terminator series, Project Almanac, I Robot, Independence day (both films). Just to name a few.

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Lyle Ringold talks writing for Konkret Comics 1

Who are your main creative influences and what aspects of your creative work can we find them in? 

Lyle Ringold: My creative influences would have to be the work of Nightwing, Daredevil, Arrow, Captain America, mixed with real world problems. You can tell by my action scenes in my work and overall style of my character. 

Who are your go to musical jams to put on while you’re working?

Lyle Ringold: I honestly write in silence.

What strengths in previous jobs have helped strengthen your creativity?

Lyle Ringold: I have always just been a creative person. I have thousands of ideas in my head just floating around and I just need the time to write them down and create something amazing.

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Lyle Ringold out and about in Matteson, IL

What’s your creative process? Walk me through it.  

Lyle Ringold: I don’t think I really have a certain process. I really just sit down and start writing until i need a break haha. I just let it flow. 

What weaknesses have you identified in your current project that you’re going to work on in the future?

Lyle Ringold: I am a big procrastinator, always working at the last minute, right at the deadline.

Let’s talk about some memories that you had when you first started getting creative? How has this changed from childhood to adolescence to creating as an adult?

Lyle Ringold: I never really created in my childhood, i would just imagine it and play around. I always used to act like I was Robin, swinging my broom stick around fighting crime in my house. Also used to act like I was a Power Ranger. I didn’t get serious about creating until around 2018. 

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Lyle Ringold talks writing for Konkret Comics 2

What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

Lyle Ringold: I used to dream that family members kept dying sadly lol. It’s terrible I know but at least those dreams have stopped.

Do you have a favourite soft drink?

Lyle Ringold: Root Beer, Cream Soda, Mr Pure Papaya. 

Who’s your favourite telepath or gifted character in pop culture?

Lyle Ringold: I love Nate Gray from the X-Men series. But my overall favorite characters would have to be Captain America and Nightwing.

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Lyle Ringold talks writing for Konkret Comics 3

What’s it about Captain America and Nightwing that speak to you? 

Lyle Ringold: I like soldiers being that I always like the military and i was in the military, so that’s why I liked Cap but also he was just cool you know. For Nightwing, I just liked the whole story arc and development and that he is actually better than Batman, in all honesty. His swag did it for me.

Which creative work would you most like to be remembered for?

Lyle Ringold: I would like to be just remembered in general and recognized for any work I put out. I want to be bigger than Stan Lee. Everyone will know and love my work. I’m trying to transcend writing/creating. 

Where can my readers find you online?

Readers can find me at these sites.

Lyle Ringold on Instagram

The Watchman Series on Instagram

Lyle Ringold on Facebook

Tevin Fields Is The Watchman on Facebook

Lyle Ringold on Twitter

The Watchmen #1 on Konkret Comics

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