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Sydney based I Have Four Names (which is 1 more than should be allowed) drops Lyric Video

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Tomorrow, Sydney-based musician William Raleigh Vere Evatt (oh I get it now, he actually has four names, RIIIIIIIIIGHT!) is releasing the first single “Silent Partners” from his artistic alter-ego: I Have Four Name’s second album, Suspended Sentence.

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I Have Four Names drops New Single

Since 2015 he, as I Have Four Names, has been dropping maximalist and eclectic indie rock material taking influence from a broad spectrum of genres and traditionally has handled every aspect of writing, performing, recording and production, as well as handling the art direction.

All details about pre-orders and streaming this I Have Four Names can be found here at his Linktree.

This album follows the success of I Have Four Names’ 2020 debut LP ‘IH4N (DX)’ and the 2021 EP ‘Spike It’. Working with outside collaborators for the first time, including live drumming and mixing by renowned engineer Stefan Du Randt, ‘Suspended Sentence’ is the most polished and focused I Have Four Names project to date.

As with prior releases, physical media is a focal point for ‘Suspended Sentence’, with lovingly crafted cassette, CD, MiniDisc and deluxe vinyl packages available alongside the digital release at

Evatt says of first single ‘Silent Partners’: “It’s an upbeat song with a not particularly upbeat message. While the instrumental is a racing mix of electronic indie rock with a catchy guitar chorus, the lyrics deal with situations where creators get taken advantage of and sidelined by more powerful partners, the type who like to take all the credit for themselves.

I Have Four Names Silent Partners Single Artwork
I Have Four Names “Silent Partners” Single Artwork

The song namechecks famous examples of these relationships, like Malcolm Young in AC/DC, Chad Hugo in The Neptunes, George Harrison, Andrew Ridgeley in WHAM and the forgotten chocolatier Sprüngli, co-founder of Lindt & Sprüngli (AKA just Lindt)”

With physical media sales of the previous album and EP opening I Have Four Names up to a broader audience, ‘Suspended Sentence’ exists to fulfil the full potential of what listeners can expect from I Have Four Names. As such, the title and underlying theme of the album is being saved from hopelessness by the support of others (the sentence of obscurity in the independent music world has been suspended), along with dealing with associated pressures of expectation and navigating away from bad actors.

To deliver on the promise of providing the best possible experience for fans, Evatt worked outside the previous comfort zone of self-production. Taking what originally would have been considered completed I Have Four Names recordings, countless days were spent fine-tuning the recordings with the help of Sydney producer maestro Jack Garzonio.

Live drums were provided by the exceptional talents of Stewart Geddes, while the final songs were re-shaped by world-class mixing engineer Stefan Du Randt. Relinquishing total control was difficult, but the finished product has come out sounding truly next-level.

Aesthetically, the album continues the theme of green and orange hands wreaking havoc. The character of Krystal from previous releases returns, with her plight depicted on the cover art and through short vignettes on the album. Krystal’s struggle to survive against the ‘big ones’ and not falling into the eternal void echo the themes of I Have Four Names’ survival in the brutal world of independent music.

I Have Four Names’ 2nd album ‘Suspended Sentence’ is out on July 29 and first single from it “Silent Partners” is out Friday June 17. Hit up Evatt’s Linktree for pre-order and streaming info.

What did you think of the latest video from I Have Four Names?

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