APOCALYPSE KINDA #1 – Indie Comic Book Review

Apocalypse Kinda #1

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Apocalypse Kinda #1 - Indie Comic Book Review


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I’d like to preface this review with one admission: by the time I finished this comic I had no idea what was going on. I’d like to expand upon this with one further admission: neither will you. It’s one of those the first rule and the second rules of fight club are the same thing. The same point. The same result. Damn! There I go talking about F___t C__b again.

Apocalypse Kinda #1, out of the less than mentally stable mind of writer Luke Wehner, depicts a world that’s normality is quite obviously benign. A world where shit started to get weird ever since a portal of unknown origin appeared 5 years ago. We’ve got eyeless/mouthless citizens, pro-normality protesters and maybe a cosmic conspiracy? Who the hell knows.

The protagonist in the book is a 12 year old boy whose name is referred to in a blink and you’ll miss it event. Which is fine because his name is nowhere near as relevant as the colossal amount of dirtbags he has to deal with when all he wants to do is get some aloe juice and feed his sick cat. In that light, Apocalypse Kinda is rather cute with its shades of absurdist posterity. It doesn’t give the reader a typical introduction via a splatter of world building like its contemporaries. Instead, we learn panel by panel what the world has to offer through a “day in the life of” storyline.

Enrico Orlandi’s artwork is an interesting style to complement the overall story. When Orlandi’s style looks more like it’s been ripped from the pages of your dad’s old newspaper comic strip. This is a great choice as it allows the story itself to take centre stage.

Apocalypse Kinda #1 is an interesting outing for this team of creatives even if it poses more questions than it answers. I’d pick up issue 2 if only to see what direction the many mysteries Wehner has left to tell. Savagely indie and yet smartly written.

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Luke Wehner: Twitter | Website

Enrico Orlandi: Website

Reed Hinckley-Barnes: Twitter

Val Halvorson: Twitter

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