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57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

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57 Best Vikings Quotes

Now here’s something to swing your axe and drink your ale to. We’ve just finished Vikings: Valhalla and it made us think of the glory days of the original Vikings show (2 years ago). A Golden Age of Vikings where the entire world was ripe for the taking. Where the exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok and his Sons were told on the small screen, courtesy of the folks at the History Channel.

While Vikings dabbled in pagan rituals, plundering and slaughtering warriors of all shapes and sizes, what some don’t know is just how famous Vikings is for its monologues and famous norwegian sayings. Well, we assume they’re sayings because we’ve never heard them before and they’re often quite insightful into the minds and personalities of Ragnar, Floki, Lagertha and the rest of the Vikings scooby gang.

To celebrate the Vikings tv show, here are 57 of our favourite quotes – and don’t be shy. Let us know what your favourite Vikings quote is. There are just so many to choose from. Skol!

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

1. “Odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge, but I would give far more.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

2. “He wants to die well, without fear, to atone for his sins.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

3. “It was foretold that divine punishment would fall upon God’s chosen people for all our grievous sins, and so it has happened.” – Athelstan (Vikings)

4. “My lord, it was easy to take all of these things. The priests in their temple, they had no weapons. They were like babies.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

5. “If any harm befalls my children, I will tear the lungs out of your body, priest.” – Lagertha (Vikings)

6. “The killers, they dug a shallow grave. And before they buried them… they cut their heads off. And when they laid them in the ground, they… they put their faces against their asses… as a sign of disrespect. If I ever find the man who did that… I will… I took these locks of hair from their heads. See Siggy… when you have such knowledge… being married to a rich, old man isn’t so bad.” – Earl Haraldson (Vikings)

7. “The earth was made from the Ymir’s flesh and oceans from his blood, when the Titan was thawed from the ice. The gods, they made hills out of his bones, and trees from his hairs, and the sky dome is his skull. And out of his brain they shaped the welling dark clouds.” – Helga (Vikings)

8. “Don’t be too impatient to put yourself in danger.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

9. “Our fates are already decided.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

10. “Our whole lives are just stories.” – Lagertha (Vikings)

11. “Contend, o lord, against those who contend with me. Fight against those who fight against me! Draw the spear and javelin against my pursuers. Say to my soul – ‘I am your salvation.’” – King Aelle (Vikings)

12. “Every piece of land has a price, just like every human.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

13. “Who needs a reason for betrayal? One must always think the worst, Ragnar, even of your own kin. That way you avoid too much disappointment in life.” – Floki 

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

14. “I know it is hard for you to accept. But unhappiness is more common than happiness.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

15. “Gyda, I have come to say goodbye to you properly. I have been thinking about you, about when you were small. You were so lively, you could run as swiftly as the wind. You were like quick-silver. But then, before I knew it, you stopped running here and there and everywhere and you became still. At 12-years-old, you had the stillness and the calm of a fine woman. What children you would have produced! What joy that would have brought to all of us. Dear child, Gyda, you are not gone because you are always in my heart. They say that a man must love his sons more, but a man can be jealous of his sons, and his daughter can always be the light in his life. I know very well that you are with the gods, but I will wait here awhile, and if you want to come and talk to me, then come and talk, and I will gently stroke your long and beautiful hair once again with my peasant hands.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings) 

16. “I wanted to step out of your shadow… but when I stepped out of the doors, there was no sunlight.” – Rollo (Vikings)

17. “We should not wash our dirty clothes in front of others.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

18. “It would have been better for me, for you, for everyone if I had been executed.” – Rollo (Vikings) 

19. “Wether you live or die today is already in the hands of the gods. They already know if we sup with them tonight, so fear not. Fight well, and if you fall, surely Odin will take you to Valhalla!” – King Horik (Vikings) 

20. “It is not a curse. It is blessing.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

21. “Who can guess the ways and the plans of the gods?” – Bjorn Lothbrok (Vikings)

22. “It is the way of the prophecy. Only to be understood when it has happened and it is too late to change it.” – The Seer (Vikings) 

23. “To love a fickle woman is like setting out over ice on a three year old colt or sailing a ship without a rudder.” – Rollo (Vikings)

24. “Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst. And corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

25. “I do not think she will die. She wants to live. She has a lot to live for. But, if she hears you weeping and lamenting, she will choose to die. Be strong. Be a man. Coax her back from Valhalla. But, make it worth her while. For she is already at the gates.” – Rollo (Vikings)

26. “Ragnar was always chosen over me. By my father. And my mother. And by Lagertha. Why would I not want to betray him? Why would I not want to scream at him saying, I am alive, too! It doesn’t matter what I do. Ragnar is my father. He is my mother. He is Lagertha. Siggy. He is *everything* I cannot do. Everything I cannot be. I love him. He is my brother. He has taken me back. But, I am so angry. *Why* am I still so angry? You tell me wise one! Or, I will tell you. It is because I am useless. Hollowed out by failed ambitions. By failed loves. Nothing good could ever come from my life now.” – Rollo (Vikings)

27. “Forgive me, my friend, not for what I have done. But for what I am about to do.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

28. “What am I to do now? I hate you for leaving me. I ache from your loss. There is nothing that can console me now. I am changed, so are you.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

29. “I always believed that death is a fate far better than life” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

30. “You think I went too far with Floki. Can you actually believe that he thought that I would let him lead without having an agenda? If I was him, I would worry less about the gods and more about the fury of a patient man.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

31. “We don’t always know what the gods have in store for us. But this? I could never imagine. If you’ve gone to heaven, then we will never meet again. And yet, I think Odin will rise like the wind to rescue you and take you to Valhalla where you belong, my own sweet Ragnar. And there… there we shall meet again. And fight and to drink and… love one another.” – Lagertha (Vikings)

32. “I have always resented you. It’s true. I’m not denying it. I’m sorry your dead, but it happens to all of us, sooner or later. It’s just funny that the gods took you first. I always thought they favored you. You thought so, too.” – Rollo (Vikings)

33. “Give my regards to Athelstan, by the way. You betrayed us. You betrayed your heritage. You betrayed our future. You betrayed *me*! I loved you more than anyone. I loved you more than that *priest* ever loved you. But, it made no difference. You always thought, oh, it’s just Floki! No need to bother about Floki. He’s just a fool.” – Floki (Vikings) 

34. “I’m constantly torn between killing myself or everyone around me.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

35. “Lord, you know me for a sinner. And I think you have already decided to cast me out into the darkness, like a fallen angel to suffer in purgatory or the fires of hell for all eternity.” – King Ecbert (Vikings) 

36. “I learned from my father the only way to tell if something is real, is to sail there.” – Bjorn Lothbrok (Vikings)

37. “Rollo! Betrayer of the gods and all the sacred things in Midgard. Come here, you snake. Come me way and let my axe slake its thirst on your blood! Come to Floki. Come to Floki, you bastard, I am waiting.” – Floki (Vikings)

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

38. “All of my life and all of your lives have come to this point. There is nowhere else to be but here. Nowhere else to live or die but here. To be here now is the *only* thing that matters. So, gather yourselves. Gather all of your strength, all of your sweetness into an iron ball. For we will attack again and again until we reach and overcome their king or die in the attempt! We will attack! Attack! Attack! Blow the horns! Beat the drums! And have courage! For there will be no turning back. Only victory! Or death!” – Rollo (Vikings)

39. “Who wants to be king?” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

40. “I’ve never done anything stupid in my life. But, I am beginning to wonder if dying would be better than dealing with this scum!” – Floki (Vikings)

41. “I love you. And I love my children. But, I cannot deny that part of me which is still Viking. No matter how hard I try.” – Rollo (Vikings) 

42. “I’m not going to stand around all day watching you try to be normal, when you never will be.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

43. “You vikings are incorrigible. You emerge from the womb with only one thing on the mind: how to die.” – King Ecbert (Vikings)

44. “Well if there were no gods then anyone can do anything and nothing will matter. You could do as you like and nothing would be real. Nothing would have meaning, or value. So even if the gods don’t exist, it still necessary to have then.” – King Ecbert (Vikings)

45. “He that increases knowledge, increases sorrow.” – King Ecbert (Vikings)

46. “How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

47. “The gods are man’s creation, to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes

48. “It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death! I shall not enter Odin’s hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me! My death comes without apology! And I welcome the Valkyries to summon me home!” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

49. “I do not believe in the god’s existence. Man is master of his own faith, not gods. The gods are man’s creation, to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

50. “It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

51. “For this is the day that the soul of any innocent Christian man, woman, and child that you and your pagans slaughtered shall escape from their purgatory and sing hallelujah.” – King Aelle (Vikings)

52. “In the name of our dead father, in the name of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of our country. And in the name of Odin, we declare war… on the whole world.” – Ivar (Vikings)

53. “I no longer know who I am. Why I am here? I feel like an empty vessel. I’m all alone. I need something to fill me up.” – Floki (Vikings)

54. “Mylord bishop, let us go to war!” – King Aelle (Vikings)

55. “I’ve seen enough of war. I have seen enough of death. I have lost so many. I don’t want to be a A public person anymore. I don’t want to be responsible. I desire to live a totally different kind of life.” – Lagertha (Vikings)

56. “The world has changed.” – Bjorn Lothbrok (Vikings)

57. “We all make mistakes. Sometimes for bad reasons. Sometimes for good ones.” – Lagertha (Vikings)

57 Best (and Adventurous) Vikings Quotes 1

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