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Aussie Film website THE CURB to release The Australian Film Year Book

aussie film yearbook

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The Curb releases physical Australian Film Yearbook – Physical? What’s that chief?

The Curb has become a mainstay on independent reporting on the Australian Film Industry. The passion and dedication by head honcho and editor-in-chief, Andrew F Pierce, has covered reviews and features from the top end of town major studios to the little guys of independent film festivals (SWIFF, MIFF, etc).

With the support of The Curb’s fans, Andrew has had the privilege of reviewing a truly stunning array of amazing Australian films and interviewing passionate and dedicated filmmakers who helped bring them to life. A truly inspiring achievement for a website still four years young. This has led to the launch of The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition.

Aussie Film website THE CURB to release The Australian Film Year Book
^The Curb logo. Not the thing separating the road from a footpath.

Pierce writes,

“I am extremely passionate about Australian film and cinema, and as I’ve reflected on my contribution as an advocate for the industry, I realised that a tangible book that showcases our awesome Aussie film industry would be the best way of honouring the films and filmmakers. While my interviews and reviews have reached thousands of readers across the globe on The Curb, a book is tangible, and it carries through time. The words that many filmmakers have said deserve to carry on as inspiration for future filmmakers, film lovers, and historians. I would therefore love to introduce The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition.” 

Having recently launched on Kickstarter, The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition has been an astounding success. Thanks to The Curb fans, the Kickstarter smashed through its goal within 36 hours.

What’s in The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition?

Within The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition, we celebrate the people who brought over one hundred Australian feature films, documentaries, and shorts to cinema screens around Australia in 2021. 

Featured in the book are interviews with filmmakers like Sally Aitken (Playing With Sharks), Eva Orner (Burning), Jon Bell (The Moogai), James Ashton (Nitram and Mortal Kombat), Stephen Maxwell Johnson (High Ground), Thomas Wilson-White (The Greenhouse), Tina Fielding, Jacqueline Pelczar, and Cody Greenwood (Sparkles), Rachel Grierson-Johns (Strong Female Lead), Christopher Nelius (Girls Can’t Surf) and more.

Not to mention countless written contributions from Australian filmmakers Chris Elena (Refused Classification)Indianna Bell co-director of (The Recordist)Melanie Killingsworth (Today)Josh Reed (We’re Not Here to F**k Spiders)Cody Cameron-Brown & Ziggy O’Reilly (While (Alive){}), and David O’Donnell (Under My Skin), and more…

With cover art by the masterful webuyyourkids (Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney), a brilliant foreword by Aaron McCann, and creative, editorial, and promotional support from Nisha-Anne, Nadine Whitney, and Carley Tillett, The Australian Film Yearbook – 2021 Edition is created with a wealth of passion and teamwork.

How can I support the Australian Film Yearbook?

Pierce urges those to share the link in this yearbook to friends and family members. Just look for that above image. Y’know, the one with the fucking shark? Yeah. That one.

And for those filthy cretins in the media? Send your demands to

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