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Transgressive Outback writer Garth Jones teams up with Soda and Telepaths

Garth Jones Soda and Telepaths

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Soda and Telepaths to coordinate Marketing of Home Brewed Vampire Bullets by Garth Jones

We’ve teamed up with transgressive writer, Garth Jones, to handle the marketing of his upcoming book “Home Brewed Vampire Bullets.”

A self proclaimed child of Mad Max and pub rock who hails from Broken Hill Australia, Garth is inspired by the iconoclasts, transgressive fiction and the wildly self indulgent which led to his self-published release of Cheapa Skips. A novella which was both inspired and written during the pandemic as much as it was inspired by the rock n roll grit of Australian culture.

Jones, whose career has spanned stints designing ads for phone sex lines, working for a church and once drew some comics for David Lee Roth. A diversity which more than appealed to us when we first started talking to Garth about what’s next in his creative endeavours. An endeavour which has the right amount of pop culture references, humour and mongrel – for us.

While we can’t go into too much detail just yet, Garth has given the would-be reader of Home Brewed Vampire Bullets a little taste – both in flavour and tone:

“Remember when Aussies could take the piss out of ourselves? Home Brewed is a mongrel punk road odyssey that takes place in a parallel Australia,” Jones says of Home Brewed, Vampire Bullets.

“An all-girl band from the future and an undead pub rocker are dragged into an inter-dimensional war when they discover their headlining gig is more than it seems. We all need to get a good laugh out of the apocalypse, so let’s go!”

Soda and Telepaths’ founder Anthony Pollock will be working directly with Garth Jones to promote and market his next book “Home Brewed Vampire Bullets” throughout all of Australia.

For all Interview and Review opportunities (including Podcast appearances) send your enquiries to:

Anthony Pollock
Public Relations and Marketing
(m) +61 400 171 384


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