Spawn #314 Variants to Showcase Capullo and McFarlane’s Creative Process

Spawn #314 Cover Preview

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Image Comics Unleash Spawn #314 Covers

Image Comics have unveiled three new covers of Spawn #314 which showcases Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane’s Creative Process.

Spawn #314 Variants to Showcase Capullo and McFarlane's Creative Process 1

Spawn’s Creative Process

These stunning Spawn #314 covers are drawn by Greg Capullo and inked by Image Comics Co-Founder Todd McFarlane, which show off the creative process from the raw pencils, to the inks, and finally – to the colored version.

All three of these collectible Spawn covers will showcase the three steps in making a comic book cover and each will be available at comic shops in January.

In Spawn #314, fans will see the return of Omega Spawn…! This towering super-villain becomes the driving force towards Spawn assembling his new Super-Team. Medieval Spawn joins the action this issue!

Todd McFarlane had the following to say about this unveiling of Spawn #314:

“I think it will be interesting and educational for readers to be able to see all three of the big creative steps that goes into making any cover. In this particular case they’ll be treated to the astonishing penciled artwork by iconic artist Greg Capullo (Batman, Spawn, DC Metals). This is the ‘raw’ cover.

“Then there will be a black & white, inked version in which I get to ink over Greg’s wonderful work. Then lastly, there will be the usual full colored version of this piece displaying the skillful hand of FCO (famed colorist of many of Capullo’s past projects [Batman, Haunt, DC Metals].)

“If you’re lucky enough to find all three and can put them on your wall it will be a spectacular looking tribute to an important part of making any comic.”

The “raw” pencil cover highlighting Capullo’s art will be a 1:50 incentive cover for retailers.

Spawn #314 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, January 27.  

  • Spawn #314 Cover A by Francis Mattina – Diamond Code NOV200169
  • Spawn #314 Cover B by Greg Capullo & McFarlane (color version) – Diamond Code NOV200170
  • Spawn #314 Cover C by Tonton Revolver – Diamond Code NOV200171
  • Spawn #314 Cover D 1:50 incentive (raw Capullo pencils version) – Diamond Code NOV208317 
  • Spawn #314 Cover E by Capullo & McFarlane (inks version) – inquire with your local comic shop

Spawn #314 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

Spawn #314 Variants
Spawn #314 Variants
Spawn #314 Variants

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