Soda and Telepaths Founder Anthony Pollock signs on as Happy Tank Press/PR Director

Soda and Telepaths Founder Anthony Pollock signs on as Happy Tank PressPR Director

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Anthony Pollock joins Happy Tank as Press/PR Director

Earlier today, Behemoth Comics imprint HAPPY TANK confirmed the hiring of Soda and Telepaths founder Anthony Pollock as Press and PR Director.

Happy Tank are making impressive waves in the Comic Book Industry with licensing French export comic MFKZ taking the comics scene by storm. Not to mention their post-apocalyptic comic series, Freak Snow, which can best be described as a mix between Mad Max, Borderlands, and Fallout. Happy Tank have dubbed themselves as the weird cousin of Behemoth Comics which is an apt description for their strange, action-filled comic books they are becoming known for.

Soda and Telepaths Founder signs on as Happy Tank Press/PR Agent
MFKZ #1 Comic Book Cover

Pollock said of this announcement:

“Happy Tank are proving to be an absolute workhorse of a Comic Book Imprint which is something that I value above all else. The fact that their comic book releases are highly engaging and jaw-dropping in both style and content is just a bonus for me.

“I’m looking forward to this ongoing relationship with Happy Tank and look forward to bringing their product to the greater Comics Press market.”

While Happy Tank publisher Kevin Roditeli added:

”Anthony was a no brainer for us. He has shown since day one his support for Happy Tank titles and most important his skill to communicate with comic book fans is stellar. We welcome Anthony to the Happy Tank army, this man is the soldier we needed in our squad.”

Anthony Pollock commences work for Happy Tank on the 1st of May, 2021 and will be the go to Press contact for all things Happy Tank. For further information, contact:

Anthony Pollock

Happy Tank’s latest release is Cinnamon #1, a story about a badass housecat who takes on the forces of darkness that keep her from the ultimate treat: Catnip. Cinnamon #1 is available for Pre-order at your local comic shop by using the code MAY211280.

Cinnamon #1 Front Cover
Cinnamon #1, available through Happy Tank Comics

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