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Welcome to Soda and Telepaths PR

Hey everyone, Anthony here from Soda and Telepaths.

Those of you who follow @SodaTelepaths on Social Media have been hearing whispers in the wind about a new Public Relations service that is venturing into. Well, I’m pleased to announce that as of May 1st, 2021 the Soda and Telepaths Public Relations service is officially open for business.

As a thank you for supporting us all these years I’ve put together an Introductory Offer to help those of you with writing a Press Release. I know this has been a pain point for many years. Not just with writing a Press Release but also with finding the time to do it. We’re all time poor.

>>See the below Press Release Offer<<

Here’s a comparative look at our first two offerings mentioned in the Press Release:

Option 1. Press Release writing

A comprehensive, inviting and eye-catching press release written by me for you to utilise for all your self guided promotional work. This would be provided within 7 days of payment received and will include multiple edits until you are satisfied.

(If you’d like to see previous “pressers” that I’ve written for clients then I’m happy to provide them)

Normally $150 AUD / $127.50 for the month of May

Option 2. Publicity and Press Release Campaign

– Press Release writing and dissemination
– Booking creators/artists onto Podcasts for Interviews- Booking creators/artists onto Youtube Channels for Interviews
– Locking in Reviews for credible websites with proven audience coverage

Normally $350 AUD  / $297.50 for the month of May

I’m also proud to announce we’ve already taken on some Clients including Behemoth Comics imprint Happy Tank Comics. So you will start to see their Releases pop up very soon in one form or another. For now, if you have plans around future Marketing or putting into place a Public Relations agenda then do not hesitate to reach out by clicking the image below or by shooting an email to:

My door is always open.   

Soda and Telepaths PR Open for Business

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