Silk #1 Review

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Silk #1 Review

Silk #1 Review

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About Silk #1 

Silk #1 is the first issue in a comic book series that expands on Spider-Man’s Spiderverse featuring Cindy Moon aka Silk. It is written by Robbie Thompson, pencilled by Stacey Lee, coloured by Ian Herring, and lettered by VC’s Travis Langham. It is published by Marvel Comics.

Silk is back and badder than ever! Cindy Moon has been working to find her family ever since she escaped the bunker that was her home prior to the events of Spider-Verse. However, her quest has taken her down a darker path than she expected. She’s now working with Felicia Hardy aka the most ferocious feline in the Marvel Universe – Black Cat! Is there any hope for redemption for Sinister Silk?

For those unfamiliar with the Spiderverse, I’d recommend starting here

Silk #1 Review 

The First Volume of Silk is, unsurprisingly, the best way to familiarise yourself to the world of arguably one of the most interesting Spider-Women. Ripped from the pages of the most important modern Spider-Man event (Spider-Verse), the first Volume of Silk tells the story of a young woman hidden in a bunker who emerges to find her family. All the while winding up working for Marvel Universe’s most ferocious feline: Black Cat.

The beginnings of Silk #1, explores Cindy Moon as she struggles to get back to a “normal life” post-Spider-Verse event. If you’re at all familiar with Peter Parker or the “Spider-Kids” you’ll know that normal is an oxymoron. Which is exactly what we have here and in true Spidey form we can’t have a Spider-Man story without J.Jonah Jameson somewhat involved.

Taking a job at the Bugle where she barely gets paid any money, Cindy somehow manages to find herself wrapped up in a classic Jameson conspiracy theory resulting in a Spider-Man defamation story. Frustrated and feeling alone. she manages to track down the Joke-villain of the issue, Dragonclaw, who Cindy nicknames “Pokemon guy.” Hilarious. After a brief exchange, Cindy kicks his butt but he manages to get away only to report back to his boss Black Cat.

The rest of the issue deals with Cindy’s gradual non-acceptance of loss. Loss of her family and loss of self as she gradually internalises her own guilt. Despite going to Spider-Man for guidance, she recoils back to the bunker because “it’s quieter here” to begin to face her own demons and look for answers on where her family is.

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Let’s talk about what I liked in this issue. Writer Robbie Thompson shows a measured equal balance of the serious and silly when it comes to writing Cindy Moon’s dialogue. There’s some deep seeded trauma going on with Cindy and Thompson deals with her Post-Traumatic Stress in a believable way. Dealing with and feeling the noise of the real world is unavoidable element of a condition that has definitely left its mark on her.

Silk is far from a comedic character but what adds to the fun of her story is situational comedy and her lack of understanding when it comes to social cues. A lack of understanding that results in her retreating to the bunker where she was trapped for so long.

Stacey Lee’s artwork is so easy to enjoy and digest. Which, for me, always results in being able to power through the entire 1st Volume of Silk without breaking a sweat. The understanding of how an Asian-American character should look and feel is on every panel. There’s zero sexualisation here. Thanks to Lee’s style and, in part, to being Asian-American herself.

Silk #1 is the beginnings of a story about a young woman making sense of the world and despite the deep seeded trauma she has faced and the bruises from battles she has waged.

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