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She Cries Wolf tells us why you should give AF about their Latest 3 Track Hardcore Belter

She Cries Wolf tells us why you should give AF about their Brand New 3 Track Hardcore Belter

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Brisbane hardcore heavyweights/stalwarts She Cries Wolf are releasing new music in the form of ‘I’ on June 10th. What is now known to be a 3-track release on streaming services, ‘I’ is a short, sharp stab to the heart – with SCW wasting no spare second on the three blistering songs.

She Cries Wolf release 3 Track “I”

The first track, The Beggar’s Well premered worldwide on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. on Wednesday night just gone, with presenter Josh Merriel stating that he was stoked to present the song, as he has She Cries Wolf lyrics tattooed on his person!

The song, Beggars Well, which premiered worldwide on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. on Wednesday night, is about Luke Gallows’ struggle with his stance on spirituality, being content within myself and overall direction.

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She Cries Wolf tells us why you should give AF about their New 3 Track Hardcore Belter
Band photo: She Cries Wolf

Gallows told Soda and Telepaths earlier today:

“Never feeling like enough, always striving for perfection. Whilst writing this song I felt like I was really drawing out some of those instances and experiences. Sharing my own feelings, whilst commenting on the human condition we all feel. Personally, I have felt better than ever over recent years and attribute this to now believing that perfection is an unachievable horizon, that should always be strived for but never attained.”

He went on to speak about the creation and production of the new music from the outfit.

“Collectively as a band we all played a very integral part in how these songs came to be. Everyone’s influence or voice was listened to because we felt like this music was for us and we’d never leave our houses/city’s again. I think with Kyal and I living next door to each other there were a lot of nitpicking conversations about 1% parts of songs and sounds we would scratch our heads over for days.

“Before the pandemic Zach from The Ghost Inside had lent a hand in some of this process. We got talking and started looking at guitar tones and more inspiration with the songs. I decided to reach out to to an old friend of mine, Gregory Thomas (ex misery signals, END), and began getting his input for the songs and the production side of things, including re-amping. The guy is an absolute lord for guitar tone and vibe – and it doesn’t hurt at all that he is an all round legend.

While working with Greg and Zach we planned on working with Lance Prenc on the recording side of this (Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision). With the pandemic outbreaks and tours being cancelled/shifted the timelines for tracking became difficult to align, he suggested we track with Michael Campbell from Crucible Sound (Vengeance), who is an absolute legend.

“I believe all of this together collectively helped us see the vision/end result we have achieved with these tracks. The hyperbolic time chamber of a global pandemic forced us to grow, write and see the best of our abilities in new music.”

In celebration of the new release, She Cries Wolf are taking this 3 track beast and other songs to the iconic Brisbane venue, The Zoo, for the first time ever to headline a Brisbane show of force on Saturday July 2. Brisbane’s heaviest are turning out to throw down.

She Cries Wolf - live at The Zoo - Saturday July 2nd 2022
She Cries Wolf – live at The Zoo – Saturday July 2nd 2022

The night will be rounded out with support from Headwreck – whose 2021 EP release Glamorise Demise saw them benchmarked as a band to watch, Trust – featuring members of Dream on Dreamer, Young Lions and Violent Soho, Blind Girls – who released their new album ‘The Weight of Everything’ in full on Zegema beach records recently & Salt Money – DIY legends who have been tearing up the scene in recent times.

Tickets are on sale now at – head here to purchase/for more info.

Meanwhile, She Cries Wolf’s release ‘I’ can be pre-saved/purchased/streamed now at

What did you think of the latest She Cries Wolf video?

What did you think of the latest song/video from She Cries Wolf? Are you going to give this 3 Track a listen or will you give it a complete miss?

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