Podcasts, Email Blasts & Press Releases you say?

‘Podcasts, Email Blasts & Press Releases’ you say?

We all need help every now and again. It take a village to raise a child and it takes many hands to grow an idea.

Below are some of the Professional services the Crew at Soda and Telepaths offer to help grow and support your project.

Podcasts – Editing and Mixing

Quality matters to Podcast listeners. Not only quality but attention to detail.

From humble beginnings of two microphones and a mixer to churning out professional sounding Podcast episodes, Soda and Telepaths is now looking to assist up and coming podcasters with the tech-side of podcasts.

An example of one of our Podcasts:

Why should I create a Podcast?

Podcasts are instrumental in communicating ideas across to millions of potential listeners. You may have a great idea for a podcast but lack the time or the mixing expertise to capitalise on your idea.

Starting at $25 AUD per episode, the crew at Soda and Telepaths are willing to not only work within your budget, but to also get your episodes and your story in front of a potential millions of listeners. Whether you’re a business or a pair of friends – we’d love to talk with you about your Podcast project.

For more information and to discuss your project, contact us on: podcast@sodaandtelepaths.com

Email Blast

The importance of emails has never gone away. It’s still the number 1 form of communication.

So why shouldn’t it be used to communicate your idea or your upcoming project?

Soda and Telepaths has a subscription base of over 1000 contacts (with an AVE open rate of 35%) segmented into Professionals and Consumers of Pop Culture, Film, Comic Books, Artists and Writers. Let them know about your upcoming project whether it’s an independent or major release.

For more information and to discuss blasting out an Email Blast, contact us on:
info@sodaandtelepaths.com and use the email title ‘Blast!’

Press Release

Soda and Telepaths has networked with a large number of Pop Culture focused websites, content creators and blogs. They’re all looking for new content to cover!

Have us create a Press Release that suits the look and feel of your content. You could be a Comic Book creator, you could be a film director or you could be looking to plug your next big event.

Even if you’re just looking for your project to be reviewed by the right Blog/Website – we’ve got a solution that can easily be catered to fit your budget.

For more information and to discuss pushing out your Press Release, contact us on:
info@sodaandtelepaths.com and use the email title ‘Press Release.’

We look forward to working with you in pushing your Content out to those who need to see it. For all other information – head to our Contact Page.