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Sci-Fi Revue 2020 starring Expert Level Short Stories

Sci-Fi Revue Short Stories

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Sci-Fi Revue 2020 – Review

Sci-Fi Revue is written by Rob Pilkington, with the help of multiple artists, bring about four different sci-fi stories that have twist endings that would have anyone craving for more. Different artists grace this collection and bring to life such interesting stories!


Sci-Fi Revue contain four different stories:
Night+Gail focuses on two young children that are connected because of a terrible event.
Final Flight of the Vitaloop tells the story of a desperate mother who took a gamble to save her almost newborn. Autonomous shows what might happen if an automated car gets sentience and takes over a getaway. The Countess takes the idea of living in one’s head in a more literal sense.

Sci-Fi Revue is available for digital downloads by visiting Comixology or Gumroad.

Sci-fi Revue 2020

Sci-Fi Revue Story

Four different stories with four different twists

Night+Gail is the story of Gail who gets to an accident and meets “N161-1T”, another child with very similar wounds. Night is unable to talk, but that’s okay – because Gail talks enough for the both of them. It seems, however, there’s more than meets the eye with Night’s presence in the hospital – something that’s little more sinister.

Final Flight of the Vitaloop is the story of Elisa – a pregnant kindergarten teacher with a goal to save her and her child’s life by traveling into the far flung (literally) future, hoping that this future will have an answer – a resolution – that the present cannot provide. Her trip ends, and it seemed to have worked… right?

Autonomous is the story of Annika – our (un)lucky hacker on the run – and Vapeur – an automated car service that gets a major upgrade. Annika may not have meant to turn this certain car sentient – but that’s already out of her hands now. She just needs to hold on as Vapeur discovers what it means to be alive.

The Countess is the mysterious story of a lady of the house that has not been seen since she has fallen ill – and yet a party seems to be happening when a young helper brings dinner to the Countess. Some thing is definitely amiss in the Countess’ quarters, almost like dangerous presence that no one has witnessed and lived to tell the tale.

Each story is captivated me, and each time it ends – I am disappointed, not because the ending was bad – but because I crave more of each world. A short visit is not enough and I can only hope that our talented author picks them up to explore them more.

Sci-Fi Revue Art

Night+Gail is drawn by Val Halvorson, with the lettering by Mike Fiorentino. The black and white artwork presented by the art gives a noir effect that I adore, because Gail’s optimistic outlook certainly contrasts with the art – giving the reader an idea that something terrible is definitely happening in this hospital.

Final Flight of the Vitaloop’s art is drawn by Kayla Kinoo with letters by Ariana Maher. The art is crisp, and colorful – a lot of warm colors that matches the hope that Elisa has for her future. The backgrounds are just right – not busy but enough to showcase the situation that Elisa finds herself in this new-old world she has come back to.

Autonomous is drawn by J.J. Lopez, colors by Steve Canon and letters by LetterSquids. Of all of the stories in this collection – this story has the most sci-fi feel to it. It has a flying car chase scene with lasers! There’s definitely a more cool feel with the art this time around. It’s fast paced and action packed – with each scene expertly drawn to have that blink and you’ll miss it effect that this story so well deserves.

The Countess is drawn Kit Mills and the lettering by Mike Fiorentino as well. If Autonomous had the most sci-fi atmosphere, the Countess has the opposite effect. It feels like it’s the present – with the machinery happening only until the very end. There is a darkness there – which truly drives home the twist at the end.

Finally, the cover of the book is drawn by Dave Law, who captures a sort of apocalyptic feel which I definitely find eye-catching. The child sharing a cup of tea with the giant robot gives the readers a taste of the kind of stories they’ll find within – hopeful but certainly twisted.

Sci-Fi Revue Conclusion

Science fiction stories are a personal favorite of mine, and these obviously have captured my interest, as well as my imagination. This is collection for anyone that enjoys an ending that leaves you gasping for more.

Rob Pilkington definitely has a way of bringing the twists home, and I look forward to more of his work because if he can do this with his short stories – I can’t imagine how much more interesting a long on-going story would be. Especially if he does end up using any of the stories that can be found in this collection.

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