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The Recount 2 Review

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The Recount #2 Review

The Recount #2 is a espionage thriller dealing with sensitive, yet topical, themes centering around political corruption. Written by Jonathan Hendrick and drawn by Gabriel Ibarra Nunez. Fans of movies such as The Bourne Identity should definitely have their eyes on this series.

Just after being sworn in as President of the United States, Meredith McDearmon discovers a plot to execute the Electoral College. Special Agent Barto and her race to save one of the members before The Masses get to him first. In the meantime, everyday American citizens are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

The Recount #2 is published by Scout Comics and is currently available where comics are sold.

The Recount #2

The Recount #2 Story

The start of issue 2 brings us to a flashback of the previous election. Here we are introduced to the former president John Battese as he looks on in dismay as he loses his bid at re-election to the now deceased Anthony Christensen. In a dramatic ending to the flashback John proclaims he was “suppose to win” before throwing a glass of champagne to the ground. This cuts to the present as the individual, now named Cameron, barges into the home of his neighbor.

This is significant as his neighbor is someone who had voted for Christensen, and thus allowed the corrupt president to start “his stupid war.” This same war took the life of Cameron’s son who enlisted, so the grieving father is looking for an outlet for his revenge.

This scene then pivots to the now President Meredith McDearmon and Special Agent Barto after their gruesome ordeal with dispatching one of Meredith’s “advisors”. They have a discussion on what to do next when Barto suggests going back to the White House. Meredith finds this idea ludicrous, but Barto believes because it is exactly that no one would expect it. Eventually Meredith relents, though their discussion is cut short as word gets out that “The Masses” are targeting members of the Electoral College. Racing against time, Meredith decides she has to rescue at least one member of the College.

This leads into a chase as members of “The Masses” ambush their vehicle as it leaves the temporary safe haven. Gunfire is exchanged between Barto and their pursuers, which ends in a fiery crash as “The Masses” vehicle flips end over end into a ditch. Unfortunately any survivors of the crash quickly expire, leaving Meredith with nothing to truly show for it. Arriving at the college member’s home, the two find that no where it truly safe from “The Masses” or their ideology as the member in question takes his own life.

This issue very quickly capitalizes on the momentum delivered by the previous and runs full tilt with it. Each page is filled with tension as many people are shown being assassinated seemingly in very casual settings, only adding to the horror of the moment. Since getting my hands on it I couldn’t wait to flip through the issue, enthralled by how this story is enfolding.

The Recount #2 Preview Pages

The Recount #2 Art

Between the two issues it feels to me as if this issue refines the noir aspect touched upon in the previous. There is also a massive emphasis on close ups and portrait shots that feel very cinematic. By far my favorite page is the one shown above of the assassinations. Each one is a complete story in its own right with beginning, middle, and end. The timing of the beats, as well as how they are angled when reading them, is just so perfect to me.

The Recount #2 Conclusion

The Recount #2 is definitely THE issue to read when it comes to this series. Even though it is still, technically, the beginning of the story, the escalation of the problem is done extremely well here. It truly feels like this organization is everywhere and everything is happening all at once. Our protagonists are scrambling to figure out a way out of this mess, while our antagonists tie the noose around them ever tighter. It is quite a thrill and I can’t wait for more!

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