The Gifted S02E01

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The Inner Circle, or the Antagonists, as depicted in Season 2 of The Gifted

The Gifted Season 2, Episode 1 kicks off a couple months after the events of its freshman season

The first season of The Gifted spent the majority of its time lining up the players of the show. With fan favorites Polaris, Blink and Thunderbird set up as mainstays early on in the season. Where the X-Men movies dealt with mutants dealing with the world’s acceptance. The Gifted dealt with individual mutants coming to grips with and accepting who they are. There is no guaranteed acceptance like with Charles Xavier’s band of Merry Mutants. There is only an underground with their own issues and perception of how the world views them.

The Gifted season 2 kicks off presumably after the events of its freshman season. Where the X-Men comics have portrayed Polaris (daughter of Magneto) looking for the effection of certain men in her life. Emma Dumont gives us an empowered female protagonist whose powers and fury rival that of Magneto’s. Thankfully this is a trend that is continuing on in the rest of the characters and the series. Strong, empowered women throughout. Protagonist and antagonist alike.

The Gifted, Fox, 20th Century Fox, X-Men, Mutants, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Comics, Magneto, Polaris, Blink, Lauren Strucker, TV Review

Lauren Strucker, played by Natalie Alyn Lind

Emma Dumont gives us an empowered protagonist whose fury rivals Magneto’s

Episode 1, entitled “eMergence” introduces us to the remnants of shadow organisation the Hellfire Club. Or what’s left of it post X-Men. The Cuckoos sit on the club as does Reeva Payge. They both successfully take out the remaining Hellfire Club members in a clean stroke. How the Inner Circle will deal with mutantkind and their place in the world is up for debate. It’s clear from this action Reeva is one mutant to keep an eye on.

“eMergence” remains consistent to the tone and vision of the first season. The particular scene where sentinel services bag and tag a group of mutants. Bearing an uncomfortable resemblance to another authoritarian extremist group the majority of us abhor. The oppression by Sentinel Services is taking the place of racial extremist group Friends of Humanity (FoH). An X-Men foe known all too well. Is Graydon Creed a potential big bad in an upcoming season?

The Gifted, Fox, 20th Century Fox, X-Men, Mutants, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Comics, Magneto, Polaris, Blink

The Cuckoos

The disconnected link between the Strucker children continues. Andy and Lauren’s relationship grows all the more volatile. While Blink and Thunderbird’s newfound romance juxtaposes the threat of extinction at the hands of Sentinel Services. It’s a surprising move by show runner Matt Nix to say the least. Though not as surprising is Reed Strucker’s powers beginning to surface along with a certain Easter egg mention of “Mister Sinister.”

This episode of The Gifted main storyline is Marcos’ pursuit of Polaris. Who, in season one, left the mutant underground pregnant with his child. Reeva finds a hideaway for Polaris to have her baby. Doing so successfully. Though frustratingly for Marcos who thinks he’s located her only to be disappointed once again. With the emergence of change in each character comes an emergence of strength. A familiar theme. Worthy of the X-Men.

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