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[COMIC REVIEW] DC Comics’ Firebrand Excels As Feminist Superhero In The Unexpected #1

The Unexpected DC Comics

In the aftermath of DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal event, new superheroes are called out from the shadows. One such superheroine is Janet Fals aka Firebrand.

Janet Fals, a superhero of colour, is a victim that takes control of her situation in this new comic book series. Once a paramedic who almost tragically passed away. Janet, implanted with a heart replacing device known as a “conflict engine” keeping her alive. The catch? She must start a fight or kill every 24 hours to feed her conflict engine and stay alive.

Not just a device that replaces the functions of a human heart. The conflict device also serves as a beacon for all manner of nefarious characters (out of the multiverse), who wish to harness its power. Though it’s power is unknown to us at this very time. Issue #1 debuts with Firebrand handing Killer Croc’s collective ass to him, establishing her as a force to be reckoned with. As Janet settles back into her life and working as a paramedic, albeit under an alias. She is set upon by a friend who wants to save her heart and the malevolent Bad Samaritan who would like to tear it out.

The collective writing team of Ryan Sook, Cary Nord and Steve Orlando does a great job in establishing a ground level centric relatable character embedded with all the daily issues that make her human. This story notably turns it back to the stereotypical heroine of modern day America and I applaud it. The result is a three dimensional feminist looking to get her life back in order. Suffering from a trauma that will rob from her soul with each passing kill. Each kill forced upon her.

What we have is a three dimensional take on the super heroine. A heroine with grit, say and determination. The conflict device adds an interesting twist that is sure to catapult Firebrand into the deepest nether regions of the Multiverse. A multiverse the Bat created.

MVP is, unsurprisingly, Janet Fals aka Firebrand. A woman that many could empathise with, from having her life literally ripped out of her chest.

The Unexpected #1 is out now through DC Comics. Click here to purchase your copy.