Strikeforce #1 – Is Blade ready for his own team?

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Strikeforce #1 - Is Blade ready for his own team? 1

Who is Strikeforce?

The issue embarks with Captain Marvel, Black Panther, She-Hulk, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider. The ones who need it are wearing gas masks. With his on, Black Panther resembles Wildcat from DC. And evidently, since Hulk is Immortal and intelligent, somebody has to be the dumb Hulk.

The cover depicts Blade, Winter Soldier, Angela, and Spider-Woman. But with the aforementioned starting players, it took some time to figure who Strikeforce really was. But as I read on, I gathered that the real team was Blade, Monica Rambeau, Angela, Winter Soldier, Spider-Woman, and Wiccan. Angela was a character who actually made her first appearance in Image’s Spawn. But when Marvel bought her, she joined the Asgardians of the Galaxy. Also, Wiccan, the son of Scarlet Witch and The Vision, used to bat for the Young Avengers. Now, he’s playing double-duty with Strikeforce and the Death’s Head limited series.

Step One: Keep Secrets from your Superiors

This title rages on from the aftermath of the War of the Realms. Where Blade fought with the Avengers against Malekith, he’s now assembled his own covert team.

This reminded me of when Wolverine lead a covert team called the Uncanny Force. They reported to Cyclops. But there were things they kept from the straight edge. Striking out on his own, there are things Blade is keeping from Captain America and the Avengers.

When the book opens, the first set of heroes investigate a facility in an undisclosed location. They’re looking for a set of missing superviruses. But what they find is the latter set of heroes. So they’re brought to Avengers Mountain for questioning. Though, Blade says he’ll handle them.

Wesley Snipes on your A$$

Via flashback panels, Blade tells a story about crossing paths with a shape-shifter. He’s in his classic costume from the 70s, Marv Wolfman era. And I can’t help but hear Wesley Snipes.

Then the vampire hunter breaks his Strikeforce out of Avengers jail and teleports them to Indonesia.

“Why not just tell the Avengers what’s going on and clear our names?” Wiccan asks.

“How @#$%#$ would we be if the Avengers got in their heads?” Blade replies.

Strikeforce #1 - Is Blade ready for his own team? 6

Confusing, but the action was sweet!

The arrive at the Temple of Three and battle a shape-shifter posed as Dr. Doom. Then onward, they battle more of these creatures Angela calls Vridi: “virus of thought.”

Though not stellar, the collaboration between artist, German Peralta, and colorist, Jordin Bellaire’s was alright. But the plot from Tini Howard left me confused at most parts. Yet, the highlight of the issue was the battle between the Vridi creatures.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue the series. I stuck through War of the Realms. But I didn’t read any of the spin-offs. Now, along with Strikeforce, there are several continuations. Angela makes reference to King Thor, which keeps the creative team of War of the Realms: Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. If I don’t continue Strikeforce, I might give that a chance.

What did we rate Strikeforce #1? 4 sodas. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below


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